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February 18, 2012

Bryce Molder


Q.  What have you been doing that's allowed you to have this kind of consistency?
BRYCE MOLDER:¬† Well, I've been a slow starter, and I kind of changed the way I started the season.¬† I got a lot of work in with Michael Beau back in early December and I just made sure to play a lot.¬† I got a lot of practice in at Whisper Rock where I play, and I think it helped me to start the year.¬† Ball‑striking has been pretty good, and actually I'm just now making good putts.

Q.  That's the critical thing here.  For a lot of guys hitting it close is not always something they can do.
BRYCE MOLDER:¬† Well, absolutely, and I didn't make a lot of birdies today because I was making five‑footers.¬† I made some good 20‑footers.¬† But I also left it in a place where I could be aggressive with the putt, which earlier on in the tournament I wasn't doing.¬† So that's a big part of it.¬† But also when you have a few chances, you've got to knock it in there close because there are some green lights out there, just not a lot.

Q.  After winning at Fry's, what is the feeling being back here in contention knowing the feeling of winning?
BRYCE MOLDER:  I'll still wake up tomorrow with a pit in my stomach and looking forward to the challenge, but I'm getting more and more comfortable with it having some feelings to go back on.

Q.  Very nicely done, a 66 on moving day, and it moved you quite a bit.
BRYCE MOLDER:  Yeah, it did.  I've had some good Saturdays.  If I could play every day like it's Saturday, it would be fantastic.  But no, it was good.  We both got off to a pretty good start, an easy birdie out of the gate helped things, and then started making some putts.

Q.  Does it almost make it easier for you to focus on your own game when you know I'm not going to hit it where he hits it off the tee?
BRYCE MOLDER:  Well, it's funny, it felt like a twosome playing behind a onesome out there at times, he was so far up there.  But yeah, I just keep having to remind myself that everybody still has to putt, and maybe that's a load of garbage, but it helps me sleep at night.  That's about all I can say.

Q.  I think you only had 24 putts today.  You really rolled the rock pretty well.
BRYCE MOLDER:  I did, and the greens were great today.  They were a little bumpy obviously yesterday afternoon and even on Thursday, and today they rolled nicely, and when you make a couple, the hole seems to get a little bigger.

Q.  How huge was the confidence you now have coming off the win at Fry's at the end of last year?  You've got three top 15s already this year, begun it just like you finished it.
BRYCE MOLDER:¬† Yeah, you know, I really‑‑ I'm trying to kind of put that behind me.¬† You still kind of take some confidence from it, but it's like I'm still the same player, I'm still working on the same things.¬† I'm trying to get better.
But it certainly gives you a little bit of ease just knowing that you can get in there and do it.  It's certainly in the back of your mind, but I'm trying not to make it feel like, oh, I won, now I'm something else.  I'm still the same guy trying to hit the same shots and just trying to be successful.

Q.  As close as the pack is, when do you start watching a scoreboard on Sunday?
BRYCE MOLDER:¬† Pretty late.¬† You know, and part of it, too, is once you get on the back nine, if the wind is the same direction, once you get to 12 you've just got to put your head down and try to make some good pars, and if you can get a birdie or two in there, then great, because a lot can happen in there.¬† It's not a golf course that a lot of guys are going to shoot 7‑ and 8‑under to come back, but it is a golf course that you can lose a few if you lose your concentration.

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