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February 12, 2012

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, putts didn't drop, and I didn't hit them close enough and quite happy with the fourth in a good field.  But I didn't play as good as the other three days.  I was just not good enough to win.  And it's a great venue, great golf course, and I'm very happy and I want to say thank you to my coach, Gunther Kessler, and Rolf Klöttschen, did a lot of work in the wintertime and looks like it's paying out.
We are looking forward to India now and hopefully can win this tournament.  So it's a weaker field, and doing well at the moment and just rest on Monday and then try to do the same this week.

Q.  Talk us through 18.
MARCEL SIEM:  On 18, I just had to get closer and closer to the flag because I had three putts for an outright fourth.  I thought both of them will make birdies, so even if I would have holed it for eagle, I thought I wouldn't be shared second.  So that was a very dangerous putt.  It's all right.  Fourth is a very good result, but strong field and quite pleased.  But you hear my voice, not too happy.
But, yeah, next week is the next week, and it was a good boost for my confidence this week.  I didn't play as well as the days before unfortunately because of the wind, but I have to try to keep the ball lower.  I started hitting them sideways a little bit still, and I have to work on that.  The English and Scottish, they are used to that (chuckling).  I will work on that.  It's my fault.  It's not the fault where I come from.  I definitely will try that and to get the ball flight down more and more and more, and yeah, looking forward to next week now?

Q.  You did seem to be getting mad at yourself a couple of times out there, but it's to your credit that you corrected things by and large, and made a whole lot of pars to keep things going.
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, I mean, I think I became a lot better with my emotions on the golf course, and especially when you play with guys like Westwood and even when I make bogeys, they are super calm the whole tile.
It's just something that I can learn off, and the more times I'm in the last group and play with those guys, the better I get, as well.  Yeah, it's just a learning process and I think I'm still young enough to be out here and win a lot of tournaments, and really looking forward to that.

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