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February 11, 2012

Rafa Cabrera Bello


RAFAEL CABRERA‑BELLO:¬† I think I had a very similar round to yesterday.¬† Again, I felt I played really, really good.¬† Happy with my game.¬† Not quite fortunate on the greens.¬† I left many of them, I left them short today.¬† I think the fact that not having‑‑ the greens not being cut, maybe disoriented a bit, and I was leaving most of them short.
So that completely takes away the chances of holing them.  But again, really happy.  I mean, I'm playing really good.  Back nine today, I was close to playing perfect golf really because I only missed one fairway and then I hit all of the greens including the par 5s, which three of them I hit in two.  I played really, really excellent golf in the back nine and I was really pleased for it.
And also the main reason is because I put myself in the position I want to, which is in contention, for the last two days, and so hopefully I can keep my game and hole a few putts.

Q.  We always use the word patience, comes into play here when you know there's commands on the back nine?
RAFAEL CABRERA‑BELLO:¬† Golf, you need to be very patient in golf.¬† That lesson I learned a long time ago, so today I was just being patient, just I was playing good and had an unfair bogey on the front nine really.¬† So just stayed patient, wait for my chances.¬† I was very pleased with my back nine.

Q.  And the experience of playing with Rory McIlroy and Thomas Björn?
RAFAEL CABRERA‑BELLO:¬† Absolutely, playing with number two in the world, it's really impressive.¬† He played really, really good, regardless of the score today, you can see how much talent he has and how easy he makes it look, how to hit a ball.¬† It was really, really good.¬† He's a really nice guy as well and definitely enjoyed the experience.
And playing with Thomas, lots of experience, many, many titles he's won.  So really enjoyed it and tonight I'll go back home and study the round and try to learn as much as I can.

Q.  Is there a moment you thought, I'm comfortable and I'm enjoying this?
RAFAEL CABRERA‑BELLO:¬† I tried to do this already on the first tee.¬† I told myself that that is where I belong, because that's what my game had been showing this week.¬† So I obviously could feel no fear, nothing at all, do not feel intimidated, but that's how I want to play today.¬† So I just went and played one‑on‑one, just forget about them, just try to focus on my game and just pretty much just pay attention to what I need to do instead of what they were doing.

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