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February 11, 2012

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  I played really solid, and to play with the No. 3 in the world is not a usual thing for me and I really enjoyed it.  He's a great guy.  I pride myself that I kept it going and had a lot of good chances and my speed of the putts, they were a little too defensive.  There was a lot of putts where I just caught the lip and didn't go in.  A little bit more aggressive would have been nice.  But I'm up there and really happy.

Q.  Does that mean it was a slightly tricky day today as well, because the winds picked up a little?
MARCEL SIEM:  In between it was a little swirly and in the end it was pretty obvious where it came from.  But just not enough to make me feel to struggle.  I'm not the best wind player, I have a pretty high ball flight, pretty spiny ball flight, and I was just okay today.  Just a great golf course.  So much fun to play, and just was great company with the guys, Stephen Gallacher and Lee Westwood.

Q.  And to keep the bogeys off the card?
MARCEL SIEM:  Bogey‑free, that was pretty cool.  Forgot that actually.  That was nice.  And I play next week, as well, and I'm building up confidence.  My game is getting better and better, and hopefully I can get quite a bit out of it tomorrow and we'll see from there.

Q.  You said about playing with the world No. 3 does that mean anxiety initially, but you soon settle into things?
MARCEL SIEM:  Like I said, I was a little nervous in the beginning, and showed me today, I can do it, world No. 3 next to me as well.  Yeah, I'm just really, really looking forward to tomorrow.

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