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June 3, 2005

Jonathan Kaye


JONATHAN KAYE: The putter wasn't quite as good today. I hit a lot of good putts but they didn't go in. I guess that's the difference.

Q. You look at those two numbers today and head to the weekend at 7.

JONATHAN KAYE: I'm pleased, you know. I won't be too far back.

Q. Are the greens getting more slick?

JONATHAN KAYE: They're definitely starting to speed up a little bit as the sun came out. They started firming up, as well. Should be a good weekend.

Q. Being in the last couple of groups, depending on what goes on here, that's kind of fun, isn't it, around here?

JONATHAN KAYE: That's where you want to be on the weekend, right?

Q. I'll never know about that.

JONATHAN KAYE: You never know.

Q. I would imagine that's where you want to be. Is 67 70 just look at the numbers, it looks pretty evenly cut out there, pretty smooth. But really when you put those two together, how was it? How was the ride so far?

JONATHAN KAYE: Well, yesterday was a lot more fun than today. I was a little steadier today but I didn't make as many putts. If the putts were falling I'd have had another 67 or so. Hopefully tomorrow I'll make some more putts and shoot a better score.

Q. Seems like 18 has been chewing everybody up. Everyone has a chance to tie Sluman for the lead and all of a sudden 7 under becomes 6 under, 8 under becomes 7 under.

JONATHAN KAYE: It's kind of tough when you're down in that valley. You can't really feel the wind. You know it's there and you know where that pin is. You don't want to hit it long. So you take a little more club and you're not sure about the wind. It's tough to put a good swing on it if you're not committed.

Q. About ten feet long is fun, to watch it roll right back down?

JONATHAN KAYE: I've hit it up there and had it stay, too. That's no fun up there. I'd rather be below the hole and take my medicine.

Q. Were you looking at the leaderboard today at all?

JONATHAN KAYE: You know, I never even saw one. There's so many people in the way all the time that you can't see anything.

End of FastScripts.

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