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February 11, 2012

Joel Sjoholm


JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Yesterday was more of a gambling day.¬† I was basically everywhere, and as I told the guys earlier, I pulled something out of my hat yesterday today.¬† I played better golf from tee‑to‑green.¬† Made some better putts out there but for every day has gone to better golf, so walking off today with a 66 is feeling like I was supposed to shoot a 66.
Yesterday I was supposed to shoot around 71, 70.¬† So I did something yesterday I've never done before, I holed a 40‑metre putt on 17 and it was almost silly, I started laughing.¬† But you have those days, as well.¬† Golf is a cruel game, and when you have those days, you walk off the course feeling blessed more than anything else.¬† Today I just played good golf and it feels good.

Q.  You obviously gambled well, you could have been looking over your shoulder and thinking, I'm not playing for the weekend whereas you're nicely in the mix now.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Exactly.¬† Going from minus one after 13 to finishing minus six for the round, 14 in my opinion is a better opportunity, it's one of those holes that I see guys make birdies and eagles and all that and I make par and after that, something happened.¬† I'm just happy that something happened yesterday because it put me in such a good mood today.

Q.  Is it the form on the greens, wasn't it 24 putts in the second round?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I have no clue how many it was but we felt like it was 12.¬† Yeah, putting has been really good this week.¬† It was quite bad actually on Thursday.¬† Great yesterday and okay today.¬† It goes for me, it goes up‑and‑down, sometimes I'm putting great and sometimes I don't.¬† When I'm putting great, I struggle with something else, but it goes back and forth.¬† But I guess that's golf and just hoping that tomorrow is going to be one of migrate putting days ever.

Q.¬† Has this been coming?¬† You've been working hard, you've been practising with Thorbj√łrn.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Thorbj√łrn has beaten me so far, and it was a tough start this year.¬† We were here three weeks ago and we were playing against each other every day and we played 28 games and I lost 19.
So it didn't feel too great to go into Abu Dhabi but obviously he did well in Abu Dhabi, so I guess his confidence was up from beating me.¬† That's just the way it is, but it is great fun to have a really close friend out there and to have someone that you can relate to, because we all live in our suitcases and we all live in hotels and airports.¬† It's really good fun to have someone that I can actually talk to and have fun with and I guess and we sit down and just talk; talk to talk and just be boys.¬† It's fun to have Thorbj√łrn out there on tour with me.

Q.  And another Dane in Thomas Björn.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Thomas is more of a mentor for me, we all live on the same island in Sweden, our summer houses and both have taken me under their wings.¬† Because I normally do things I shouldn't do, or I end up in situations I shouldn't be, they are really good guys to help me get through and stands up really nicely for me.¬† So it's been fantastic to come out here as a brand new player and just have someone that actually takes care of you as soon as you come out.

Q.  Your outfit, Plus Fours, what's the reasoning?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† The reasoning is I basically lost all my sponsors for this year.¬† I was playing a game that I should never have done, and when I look at golf players, everybody looks quite the same.¬† I don't want to be the same, and I don't see myself that I'm the guy that steps into a line and just do whatever else is doing.
Plus Fours it is quite a fun outfit and I think people laugh and actually feels more for the guy whatever happens.  If it goes great or goes bad, they feel for him.  I like it with the crowd out there.  As soon as they see it, they want autographs before I tee off and no one knows who I am and it's fantastic.  I like a crowd, people that gives me a little extra support just because I'm wearing something that they enjoy.

Q.  Are you into baseball, as well?  It's a bit of a baseball look?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† It is a ball back look.¬† Lived four years in Atlanta and Atlanta Braves was the team that we went to see.¬† It is mostly because of our close friend at home, he is a ice hockey player, he came back from the states and bought me a hat, and after that, if I went into a store, I bought probably 20.
So another problem I have, buying too much stuff.  And then I figured, when I don't have a sponsor, I can just wear a visor the hats that I like to wear a visor.  I like it.  It's fun for me and I hope that the guys out there and the people out there actually enjoy it.

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