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June 4, 2005

Jonathan Kaye


Q. This was certainly the day to make up some ground, moving day.


Q. Did you find some places to score? I know it was a disappointing ending there. Was 68 about what had to be done out there because of conditions?

JONATHAN KAYE: You know, I just tried to take what I could get out there. I played pretty solid all day. I made some good par save putts and just didn't get the last one.

Q. Where else were you able to save?

JONATHAN KAYE: 15, I hit it on a downslope in the right bunker and then left it short from there and kind of chili dipped one and left a tricky little eight footer for par that was nice. Then I birdied 16, a nice up and down on 17, and then I didn't get it up and down on 18. But it was a good day nonetheless.

Q. You're one off the lead going into the final round.

JONATHAN KAYE: I'd rather be leading.

Q. No question.

JONATHAN KAYE: But it's better than being two back, huh? It'll be fun tomorrow.

Q. With Saturday pin placements on Tour changing to Sunday, will that leave it wide open or kind of single it out?

JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah, I think it'll be a wide open race tomorrow. Everybody saw the pins that are going to be, so we know where they are, and hopefully we'll be able to attack them if the weather is good.

Q. Playing with Tiger?

JONATHAN KAYE: Tiger is great to play with, and it's better than being in front of or behind him, so I was happy with that.

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