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February 10, 2012

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  I didn't play as well as yesterday I have to say.  My driving was really, really good.  It was better than yesterday.  And bogey on 11 took a little bit of momentum out of me.  It was a stupid shot.  I mean 7‑iron, went too aggressive for the flag and overcooked it to the left.
It was definitely a little windier than yesterday, and most of the shots were three‑quarter shots today because I was in between clubs, and yesterday it was just perfect.  Everything was spot on, full 7‑iron, full 8‑iron and today I was a little fiddly, and it's not easy to get them as close as a full shot.
And all of a sudden you have five or six‑meter putts for birdie all day long, and you don't hole them as easy as a two‑meter putt, and you feel like you're not putting well, and it was a bit slow, but at the end of the day I'm 10‑under and it's a very, very good field, and only the big guns are in front of me actually, McIlroy, Kaymer, Bjorn.  And so I'm quite happy about the two rounds.

Q.  And that birdie at the last really does put you very much in that mix again, in those double figures.
MARCEL SIEM:  That's true.  Double figures is always nice.  At least I don't have to fight tomorrow on the first tee to go and fight for double figures.  I start on double figures.  It's always a little easier and yeah I'm just really looking forward to it.  We got a lot of Germans running around here and supporting me, and it's really nice.
It's a very, very important tournament.  It's the last of the Middle East tournaments and big world ranking points, and I need to climb up there somehow and try my best on the weekend now.

Q.  Isn't it nice to know that you've got that support out there?  They're bound to follow Martin Kaymer with respect because they'll know him on that world scene, but they're all out here and looking at you during the afternoon as well.  That's great?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah.  Yeah.  It was good that he's playing in the morning and I'm playing in the afternoon, so it's a little easier to follow people, to decide who they want to go with.  So they can follow actually both of us.  And yeah, it's nice.

Q.  Was there encouragement out there?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, definitely.  It's always nice, you know, when the people are out here, especially on a good golf tournament here.  And yeah, I'm just going to try hard tomorrow to get the guys.  We're here to play really well, and you always want to win, but I always when I say I want to win, I always went the other way.  So now I just try to be relaxed and just play as good as I can, and my swing feels really good, so looking forward to it.

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