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June 22, 1996

Daniel Briere


Pretty good.

Well, yeah, starting to be nervous. I was wondering if I would go out in the first or if I would slip up to the second round. I was starting to be very nervous, but when I heard my name and when I saw the cameras coming on me, it was a great feeling. I can't describe that.

No, not really, I didn't have -- I didn't never thought about going to Montreal, I know they needed big wingers and defensemen, so I wasn't disappointed.

Well, like I said, I know that they're moving to Phoenix. I know -- like most of the players on their team, I had the chance to speak with most of the agents from the organization. I just had a great feeling when I met them.

I didn't have a chance so far.

Well, I know I've got to get stronger maybe to get to the NHL, so I think it might be for two years, probably.

Q. You're going to be talking to Paul Kariya?

No, I didn't hear about that.

Q. Someone mentioned that.

No, I didn't hear about that.

Well, not -- I'm really happy with where I go, that's where about I was ranked, so I'm pretty happy. I know I also had to prove people wrong about my size. It's been like that for the last maybe four or five years, so I'm ready for that.

Thank you.

Well it's been like that to prove people wrong about my size since the last four or five years, so I'm ready for that. I'm used to it.

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