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February 9, 2012

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJORN:  Yeah, it was good.  You know, I played solid today, and this golf course is ‑‑ it presents itself so well, and if you can keep the ball in play, which is the key, then you can shoot numbers, and you see that on the leaderboard.  There's a lot of good scores out there, and greens I've never seen any better anywhere in the world.  But that's going to give low numbers.
But I'm happy with what I did today.  I played a solid round of golf, never got myself into the biggest bit of trouble. You do once here and there but in general I played solid all day?

Q.  It is nice continuation of performing Qatar after the opening round.
THOMAS BJORN:  Yeah.  I finished in third in Abu Dhabi and in general playing pretty well last week.  You know, it's gotta give you a good feeling.  I like this place, and I felt good about myself on the golf course today and it's a good start.

Q.  As a sentimental man do you ever think back to your victory here?
THOMAS BJORN:  I can't think that far back.

Q.  But it clearly has ‑‑ you've probably got an affinity with this place like most players coming out, too.  It's one that you almost must play for the year?
THOMAS BJORN:  Yeah, it is.  Any time you get facilities and conditions like you do here, players would want to play it and I think that's why most guys check it off very early on their schedule that I want to play there, because it is just brilliant.  I mean you can't face it enough.  It's just fantastic.

Q.  Fewer greens, and that rough, while it can be punishing, it's not up too much?
THOMAS BJORN:  No, but it's still there.  You can't lose your respect for this golf course.  That's one thing I learned over the years.  You still gotta play your golf, but yeah, the greens are just brilliant.

Q.  Well done?
THOMAS BJORN:  Thank you.

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