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January 17, 2012

Jarmila Gajdosova


M. KIRILENKO/J. Gajdosova
6‑4, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Talk us through that match.
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ Um, I got broken in the first games of each set.テつ Had chances on her service games by points, enough chances to make it even.
In the end I lost.

Q.テつ How frustrating is it when you know you're good enough and couldn't put it together?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ Losing first round, it's always frustrating.テつ Doesn't matter what tournament it's going to be.テつ I don't know what to tell you, honestly.
You put yourself in my shoes and I'll see how you gonna feel.テつ So I don't need to explain how frustrating.テつ Of course, it's frustrating, so...

Q.テつ Can you put your finger on why you find it so hard to win here?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ Um, I don't know.テつ I mean, whenever I play, everybody question my game.テつ Everybody keeps talking about my unforced errors.テつ Everybody keeps talking about hot and cold I am all the time.
So how would you feel going on the court knowing first thing they're gonna say, Ah, you made 40 unforced errors, so that's why you lost.
My game is not based on making balls.テつ It's plain and simple.テつ I made 40 unforced errors, made 35 winners, made 7 aces.テつ I'm even either way.テつ I lost four and two with chances to still win the match.テつ So doesn't matter what I'm going to do either way.テつ Everybody is going to concentrate on the unforced errors.
And, you know, if everybody keeps questioning, then I'm going to question my game as well.テつ Obviously that's how it looked out there, because people keep talking about unforced errors, and I'm going to make unforced errors.テつ Of course.テつ Then I stop swinging, and then you're going to miss anyway.
It's not easy no matter what I'm going to do, I'm never going to do the right thing for anybody.テつ So why to bother?テつ You try and try, and everybody is going to say anything they want anyway.

Q.テつ Where to now?テつ What can you do?テつ Do you get away from tennis for a while?テつ What do you want to do?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ I still play doubles; I still play mixed; I have Fed Cup in February; Doha; Dubai; Indian Wells; Miami, the whole lot.テつ I'm still training.テつ The same schedule as usual.

Q.テつ You don't see any reason to try to maybe become 10% more conservative in your play?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ I got to 24 in the world for a reason.テつ I didn't get there by making balls.テつ If anybody actually ever played against me before, you would feel that I was playing about 50% usually of what I'm usually swinging at a ball.
It's conservative‑‑ I mean, look at Clijsters.テつ You think she play like that?テつ No.テつ She won a Grand Slam, yes.
Look at Sharapova.テつ Does she play like that?テつ She won a Grand Slam, yes.
Na Li, Kvitova, you put anyone.テつ It's not to make balls.テつ Only person who does it unbelievably is Wozniacki.テつ She makes enough balls; she doesn't miss.テつ She's a helluva player for it.
But not everybody plays the same way.

Q.テつ How tough is it when everyone questions the way you play?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ It's shocking.テつ First thing everybody says how bad my game is.テつ When you play well, Oh, you're unbelievable.テつ Then you have a bad morning, You played real crap today.テつ You can't win no matter what I do.
You believe in something you been doing since you were seven years old, go to 24 in the world, so you would think I achieved something already.
And still people question it every single day.

Q.テつ How much does that play on your mind when you go into the game?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ It's not easy.テつ I mean, in the end of the day you try to win.テつ If you have these kind of things in your head, it's not easy.テつ You start questioning the shots before you even hit them.テつ Make errors in the end just because you change your mind on what you usually do, what you want to do, to things you shouldn't hit and you miss it anyway.
So then you're like, Oh, I should have swing instead of just try to make the ball because people tell me I make too many unforced errors or I try to hit the cover off the ball.

Q.テつ Is there someone that you can talk to?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ Talk about what?

Q.テつ Talk about maybe trying to change the way you go into a game.
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ I go into the game fine.テつ You know, I always gonna do what I do.テつ The people always question, put my game down, don't believe in what I do, but I got results in the end.
I always gonna do what I do.テつ It's just really annoying and frustrating.テつ In the end I feel losses like this, especially home, just kicks you down every time, so...
Try to work from there again, and again over and over to pick it up.

Q.テつ Why do you think there's that lack of support?テつ Pretty emotional year.テつ Do you think all that's related?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ Um, look, I have these questions since I was like 10, you know.テつ But I still play what I played and I go to 24, so...
You know, okay, I had a tough year last year.テつ Who knows what will happen if it was different.テつ But I worked through it.テつ I managed to still have some good results.
You know, there is support, but some people say, Oh, maybe she look interesting more on the court.テつ Then they say, Oh, you get too frustrated too easily.テつ So then I calm down.
So it's never good ‑‑ no matter which side I'm going to go to, I just can't win it seems like.

Q.テつ Is your confidence in yourself still at the same level?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ Yeah, I try to be anyway.テつ It changes.テつ But you try to do your best, and that's what I did.テつ Unfortunately I lost.テつ There's nothing I can do now, so...

Q.テつ Do you think you take too much notice of what everyone else thinks?テつ Is it a matter of not watching the TV, the papers, doing your own thing?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ You try.テつ Everybody does.テつ Every athlete tries to do that.テつ For some it's easier than the others.
Unfortunately, we live in a sport that is in the spotlight all the time.テつ Usually my first question in the press conference is, How many unforced errors today?テつ I mean, I have no choice then to listen to that, so...
I don't know.テつ I'll work through it, I guess.

Q.テつ How did you find the conditions today?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ They were good.テつ Very nice.テつ Warm day.テつ Very nice.テつ Quick courts.テつ Balls flew a lot.テつ It was pretty good.

Q.テつ Happy to be playing in the morning rather than the afternoon?
JARMILA GAJDOSOVA:テつ I was happy either way.テつ I mean, I like the heat.テつ It didn't bother me if I played at lunchtime.テつ Obviously at night it would be cooler.テつ The court was very nice, so it was very nice to play on it.

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