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February 5, 2012

John Daly


JOHN DALY:  A little shocked, but I was real happy the way my short game was.  Usually when you're off that long, you don't really have much of a short game.
My son motivated me a little bit over the five weeks off.  He wanted to chip a lot, throw the football, so I did chip a little bit.  But I'm just ‑‑ I'm happy.  It was a good week for me.  Very unexpected.

Q.  Well, you hung in there terrifically as well.  It was nice seeing you evolve there, very competitive down the stretch.
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, me and Peter, we always look at our stats, and this week I think I played the par‑5s maybe even or 1‑under, or one over.  And I know I played the par 3s 1‑under par.  If I could just get the par‑5s going a little better, things could work out even better.

Q.  You seemed to play with some assurances as well whereas maybe in recent events we've seen you beat yourself up a little bit?
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, well, we all do that out here.  I'm learning.  I'm 45 and I'm still learning.
But it's just the hardest game in the world, and when you get a little confidence, if you can keep it, it really makes you thrive, and it makes you ‑‑ it gives you positive things to come.
That's what Top 10s and playing real well and even Top 20s on any tour, you get some confidence.  And I haven't had any in so long.  It's one thing trying to play golf healthy and everything, but when you're trying to play golf hurt for four or five years like I have, it gets frustrating.
The last three tournaments of the year I was very ‑‑ I felt good.  The shoulder is good, the ribs are good.  So it gives you a better chance to play good when you're healthy.  So like I said, I'm just happy.

Q.  And essentially, while this game can change just on the toss of a coin, I guess, it is a foundation for the year, isn't it?
JOHN DALY:  Yeah.  It's a great start.  It's a very unexpected start.  My goals are to get my European card and maybe get into Dubai at the end of the year, which you know, I think if I can get in enough tournaments is realistic, I hope.  If I just keep doing what I'm doing and working at it, and a few more finishes like this and get some more confidence.  It's all about confidence for me.

Q.  Do you know what the next one is, because it's hard to plan, isn't it, your next tournaments?
JOHN DALY:  I know I'm in Dubai and India, and after that I'm not for sure.  That's what scares me.  But I'm going to play Puerto Rico and transitions in the States.  I know I'm in that, but after that it's kind of hit or miss.
Like I said, I want to favor the European Tour because I love coming over here and I feel like I can get more starts here.  I hope anyway.  So we'll just see what happens.

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