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February 4, 2012

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON:テつ It was fun, I mean fun playing with Paul.テつ I got off to a great start, 4‑under par after seven, and then made some stupid mistakes around the turn, lost a bit of rhythm, and was just trying to hang in there, and Paul was playing very well.
It's always nice to play with someone who is playing well and both at the top of the leaderboard, so it was nice to finish with those two birdies as well to get to 6‑under mark.テつ I think if I would have stayed back to three or four under, it would be too far back.

Q.テつ Actually elaborate on that, if you would, because we have guys finishing at three or four who thought if the wind stayed as it was, they'd be in there, and now they're looking a little bit distant.
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ We've definitely been on the lucky side of the draw this week.テつ Rather beautiful playing conditions Thursday morning and then battling the wind.テつ But today it wasn't easy.テつ I think it's sometimes a little bit easier to protect a score, if you know what I mean.テつ If you get a few birdies under your belt, then if you're starting off in that really strong wind and you drop a few, it's hard to get them back.

Q.テつ When we spoke on Thursday you did pretty much anticipate that you wouldn't be doing an awful lot on Friday?
PETER HANSON:テつ No, exactly.テつ We were talking to the pro and we knew it was going to be bad yesterday, and it's always a shame when you've kept the golf tournament down, but I think here it's a good thing.テつ Now everybody knew already when we teed off the second round pretty much that it was going to be shortened.
And I don't know what to say.テつ We just have to go out there and try to go low.

Q.テつ Did that really change the approach because you know that this is all the more important?テつ You can't just bide your time out there.
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, a little bit.テつ Normally when it's tough and windy like this, you can try to play a bit more conservatively.テつ I felt today when I came out I needed to be aggressive, try to make a few birdies and like I said, got off to a dream start 4‑under after seven and then fell backwards a little bit.テつ So could have been really low today, but hopefully I saved that round for tomorrow.

Q.テつ Please tell me that you're better off than you were last weekend because it didn't quite work for you on the Sunday last time?
PETER HANSON:テつ No.テつ Exactly.テつ I can see that.テつ The way I play, the mistakes I make, even today I made seven birdies, but I also made four bogeys, and like you said, last Sunday I was just spraying the ball everywhere and couldn't find any fairways.
Here it's been better.テつ It's getting better and better day by day, so hopefully I'll get a little bit of that winter rust out of the way and can put a really good score together tomorrow.

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