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February 4, 2012

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


Q.テつ Lots of uphill battles and all sorts of things.テつ Tell me about two rounds over three days.
GONZALO FDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Well, I don't know.テつ I'm pretty used to that.テつ Last year Singapore was pretty much the same, and it worked.テつ Unfortunately today wasn't that good.
I played all right.テつ I didn't play that bad, but just couldn't take advantage of the par‑5s.テつ On the four par‑5s I played them solid.テつ I mean I wasn't close to the green.テつ Two shots, but my short game wasn't that good enough and didn't get my birdies.テつ So I was a bit frustrated, no birdies in that round of golf, but I guess I made way too many on the first round.テつ Just balances.

Q.テつ Well, it does point to how well you scored on that first day, doesn't it?
GONZALO FDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Yeah.テつ People are still very impressed with my round on Thursday, and I have to say I didn't realize what a good round that was until I came off the course.テつ I was sitting in the car driving back to the hotel and all of a sudden I said, whoa, I played some great golf today.
That was definitely one of the best rounds of my career, so you have to take the positives and whatever happens tomorrow, I mean that's things you have to take home.テつ Those are memories you need back home just to get to the next one with lots of confidence.

Q.テつ I guess it was always going to be hard to follow it, but when the wind was blowing as it was, you had two bogeys on that second morning?
GONZALO FDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Yeah.テつ It started out when we went out early yesterday morning, it was very windy, made a couple of bad shots on 13 and 14 which cost me a couple of bogeys.テつ It was frustrating.テつ But I mean we knew those things could happen, especially in those windy conditions.
But as I said, unfortunately I had some good birdie chances that I just didn't make.テつ Well, that's golf, I guess, and hopefully tomorrow we can go low and finish as well as we can on the leaderboard.

Q.テつ Were you in that camp that wanted to come off course 40 minutes sooner than you actually did or you just accepted the way it was?
GONZALO FDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ You have to accept it.テつ I mean it was such a difficult day.テつ We had the predictions, and I mean tournament director did as much as he could to keep the course playable.テつ Unfortunately it wasn't that way.
I'm not going to say if it was fair or unfair, but I was quite concentrated and focused on what I wanted to do.テつ That day I knew it was going to be tough, I knew it was going to be tough for everybody.テつ But yeah, by the end of the day you can always think back and say, whoa, we played eight holes in really, really bad conditions, but that was the luck of the draw and that one thing that by the end of the year just balances.

Q.テつ I overheard what you said to the TV.テつ You sound remarkably pessimistic about your chances for this tournament.
GONZALO FDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ I have the feeling the guys out there at the moment, the guys playing in the afternoon might go low.テつ The way they set up the course, it was for the heavy winds expected for yesterday, so some of the holes are playing definitely shorter.テつ They still have to play, though.テつ It's not easy at all.テつ It's still very windy and they still have to hole the putts and all that, but I have the feeling that these guys can play and that they will go low.テつ So I would say 8, 9‑under, that's going to be the mark.テつ But hopefully I'm wrong.

Q.テつ Thinking back to Singapore, the dynamics all changed in a short tournament?
GONZALO FDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Yeah.テつ It's happened to me before.テつ I've won a couple of tournaments where we've used 54 holes, specifically in Singapore.テつ So yeah, I don't have a problem with the tournament being reduced to three rounds.

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