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February 4, 2012

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJORN:  I walked off the golf course yesterday, and to be honest, I didn't feel like I played all too badly.  The caddies for Westwood said you're not playing poor at all.  You just gotta put it down as a bad round, where things didn't go my way, they didn't go my way on the greens.
I had two bad shots that just cost me a lot, and that kind of makes the day a poor one, and the score looked horrific, but I just wanted to put in a professional performance, and I come here on a golf course that I normally play really well on and I know I can shoot numbers on this golf course, and I put in that performance today where I grinded out every single shot and start rolling in a few, and to finish off the way I did just makes you pleased with your performance, and now we just gotta try and play a good round tomorrow so we at least get a good result out of the event.

Q.  Presumably that says something about your personality, your character, because that's not the first time when there have been some very notable occasions when you've turned it around?
THOMAS BJORN:  No.  I do have that capability, but I need to be playing well, and every single time when I look at those times when I have turned it around, I have been playing well.  I've just not got off the mark, and somewhere down the line I gotta start working with my first round performances because at times they leave me too far behind in golf tournaments.  I need to be better on the first day than I maybe have been, and that's something I need to look at.
But in general I'm playing well.  You know, I feel like I'm hitting the ball all right and I'm doing the right thing, so I just gotta get more consistent in what I do, and this is certainly not a reflection of inconsistency, this, but I just gotta be harder with myself.  I need to be better prepared when I stand on the first tee on Thursday morning, but at the moment I gotta take what I got today and be very happy with what I've done.

Q.  I know this is history now, but what were your feelings oncoming off the course at the time you did and the tournament now being a 54‑holer?
THOMAS BJORN:  No, it's ‑‑ I feel good when I walk off the golf course.  You know, and that's ‑‑ yesterday after 79 I didn't feel too bad.  I was disappointed, which you should be, but I wasn't feeling down and out about it and thought my golf game had left me completely.  I thought those things happen in golf.  I didn't get the bounces going my way, and then the numbers went up and conditions were very tough.
Walking off the golf course today I feel like I'm just delighted to be playing another round, and so I should be, and to start thinking about, well, if it was four rounds I had a chance of winning the golf tournament.  Well, it's not.  It's three rounds.  I knew that when I set out this morning and everybody knows that.  That's the way golf is sometimes.  I'm just delighted to be playing tomorrow.

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