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February 4, 2012

Webb Simpson


Q.  A little bit of a roller coaster there toward the end.  You said you were fighting a few things.  What were you working on?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Man, my swing struggled the last two days for whatever reason.  I feel good, but my swing is just not really getting in sync.  I'm missing the ball left and right.  I want to polish that up.  But I made a bunch of good swings down the stretch that gave me a lot of confidence.  To hit some of those shots on 15, 17, 18, right where you want, with trouble on the left was a good feeling and a good confidence booster.

Q.  Can you walk us through what happened on 17?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, I hit my 3‑wood exactly where I was trying to hit it.  It actually went a little further than I thought it would go, and I went up, and I knew how fast that chip was.  I watched Ryan do the same thing in front of me, but I thought if I just land it on top, it'll be perfect, and as soon as I hit it, I thought it was perfect.  I never even thought it might go in the water, and it kept going and kept going and kept going and went in the water.  It's just a bummer.

Q.  You never wish it on any other player in the field, but you know that you're going to have to catch some breaks on Sunday.  Does that change your approach to the final round?
WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, we're just going to see how things are going I think starting out, see how I'm swinging.  It's hard to be aggressive when you're not swinging well.  If we can go figure something out on the range and I'm feeling good, then we'll be firing at pins and trying to win this thing.

Q.  The pin placement at 17, I don't want to call it unfair, but was it marginal?
WEBB SIMPSON:  No, a drivable par‑4, it's fair for them to have a tough pin.  I just think late in the day, it's going to get a lot quicker back there.  Where the pin was is kind of crowned so it runs off on every side.  Did I learn something?  Not really.  Maybe it's 20 feet quicker than I thought, but I had seen that pin.  I hit that chip and I thought I knew it, but it was extra quick today.

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