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February 4, 2012

Chris Stroud


Q. テつTalk a little bit about the way you played today.
CHRIS STROUD:テつ You know, I'm really not hitting the ball very well.テつ I'm not swinging it very good, but I'm putting so well, I've got to give myself looks.テつ That's all I'm doing.テつ I'm staying loose out there and trying not to put too much pressure on myself tee to green.テつ I hit it in the water on 18.テつ I have very little confidence with my swing, but I'm just trying to get it in play out there.テつ I'm going to go to the range and figure it out a little bit.テつ If I can keep it in play tomorrow, I think I've got a good chance, but obviously Levin is playing really, really strong.テつ We may need him to back up a little bit.テつ But I'm putting well.テつ It's nice.

Q.テつ How do you approach a final round like that when a guy has a big lead?テつ You saw one disappear last week.
CHRIS STROUD:テつ You know, I can't do too much about him.テつ I'm going to go out there tomorrow and do the same thing I did today, give myself 18 looks, see if I can make some putts, and if it comes down to the last couple holes and I have to be aggressive and I'm close, right there, then you can make a move.テつ I'm going to do the same thing I do every round, just go out there and give myself as many looks as possible, and when it comes to the last three holes or four holes and I need to do something big, I'll be more aggressive.

Q.テつ Are you surprised to be where you are if you're not confident in the way you're hitting the ball?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ No, everybody knows when you're putting well, you can make up for a lot of stuff.テつ I'm not hitting it terrible, I'm just not hitting it crisply.テつ I'm not able to turn the ball like I want to and I'm definitely not driving it like I want to.テつ I'm keeping it in play good enough, and there's been a lot of players win not hitting it that great.テつ Maybe I'll hit it great tomorrow, you never know.

Q.テつ Yesterday was your birthday?

Q.テつ And you and John, I guess, celebrated with your wives and you both played well today?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ We did.テつ I told him, we've got to go out and have a bottle of wine tonight and celebrate some more because it works.テつ I was really calm out there today, just trying not to put any pressure on myself.テつ Very confident with my putter.テつ It makes a lot of things easy.

Q.テつ He said you didn't eat the whole piece of chocolate cake.
CHRIS STROUD:テつ I couldn't.テつ That thing was huge.テつ After we had dinner?テつ That thing was like eight inches, ten inches tall.テつ It was awesome, though.テつ We went to Mastro's Ocean Club.テつ It was great food, great dinner, and we'll probably do the same thing tonight.

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