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February 3, 2012

Phil Mickelson


Q. テつTale of two nines, front nine and back nine.テつ What kind of course conditions did you get?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ The front nine, I don't know what to say.テつ I mean, it was just terrible, and I was able to kind of self‑correct it a little bit for the back to shoot 4‑under and turn it around.テつ It's not what I was hoping for going into the day, but I'm looking forward to playing the weekend and seeing if I can light it up on the weekend.テつ My putter feels great.テつ When I get this ball‑striking ironed out I think I'll have a chance to go low.

Q.テつ Did you talk to the group on 17 about being able to hit up, and then describe the race to get to 18 tee.
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ We did.テつ It turned out not to be necessary because the group behind us hit a tee shot, I think it was Keegan Bradley hit one and was therefore able to have the group finish the round.

Q.テつ It looked like a lot of fun on 16, you and Rickie walking together, great atmosphere.
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ It's awesome.テつ Those were three of the best shots I think I've ever been a part of as a group on that hole, and it was really cool.テつ Especially late in the day it kind of adds to the flavor.

Q.テつ You were saying your ball‑striking yesterday you didn't quite feel comfortable with it.テつ Was that the issue today kind of?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ Yeah, I had been striking it really well the first few weeks of the season and it kind of left, so it doesn't feel far off, but I am going to try to get some time with Butch here and see if we can get it ironed out because on and around the green feels really good.

Q.テつ Does it ever get old for you, that kind of reaction that you elicited on 16?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ Never, no.テつ Never.テつ To have that kind of feel, that kind of environment, it's really a cool thing for this tournament and for the PGA TOUR.

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