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February 3, 2012

John Huh


Q.テつ What were the crowds like today?テつ What was it like?
JOHN HUH:テつ It was fun, especially 16 is‑‑ I've never experienced anything like that.テつ It was kind of fun.テつ Yeah, it was fun, yeah.テつ There's nothing I can say about that.テつ It was just fun.

Q.テつ Yesterday I saw some tee shirts out on the golf course that said, "Huh?"テつ And had the question mark underneath it.テつ You're becoming a cult hero already.
JOHN HUH:テつ I mean, he make a shirt like that so people can kind of know about me.テつ So it was cool.テつ It was fine, especially in the Waste Management tournament.

Q.テつ This is not supposed to be this easy.テつ You make the cut at your very first start, you top 10 in your second start, you're up on the leaderboard in your third start.テつ A lot of old guys are saying what's going on with this kid; this is harder than that.テつ What's going on?
JOHN HUH:テつ I mean, I've been hitting really well, which is great.テつ I've been hitting greens, making some good putts, and just turned like that.

Q.テつ Just 42 putts in the first two rounds.テつ The ball is going in the hole for you, isn't it?
JOHN HUH:テつ Yeah, first 15 holes didn't really putt well, but after taking breaks, it was good‑‑ it was a good break, I guess.

Q.テつ The last putt you make a 38‑footer at the final hole for a birdie, that's got a huge smile on your face.テつ Lunch is going to take awfully good, isn't it?
JOHN HUH:テつ Yeah, it's going to be delicious.

Q.テつ You love Mexican food?
JOHN HUH:テつ I do.

Q.テつ Does that have anything to do with the fact that you're playing really well in San Diego and Phoenix?テつ Are you keeping on a diet of that while you're playing here?
JOHN HUH:テつ I mean, I'm trying to kind of lose weight a little bit, so I'm trying to look for other kinds of food.テつ But I love every food, so yeah.

Q.テつ Talk a little bit, last week you talked about putting well, and obviously you're putting well again.テつ How hard have you been working on that to make that a strength of your game?
JOHN HUH:テつ Actually my putter was the weakest part of my game, and playing in these perfect conditions, which is great, I haven't played like that.テつ I guess just turned out you've got to have a good stroke, good read, good speed, and you'll make one.

Q.テつ You made some long ones last week and making some big ones this week?
JOHN HUH:テつ Yeah, I did.テつ I believe I made three big‑‑ plus 30 feet, which is great, making 30‑footer.テつ Feel pretty excited.

Q.テつ What is it with the long putts?テつ Is it speed?テつ Is it the line?テつ What's most important?
JOHN HUH:テつ I'm trying to get the good speed on it, and had a good speed and good line and see what happens.

Q.テつ The crowds, how have you dealt with them because you haven't played in front of very many people before the last two weeks.テつ Have the nerves been okay?テつ Have you gotten nervous and how have you dealt with it?
JOHN HUH:テつ No, actually I've been really enjoying what they're doing over on the course, which I like, and which is what I'm looking forward to, playing like that all the time.テつ Yeah, it's been great, seeing those spectators like that.

Q.テつ Do you get nervous?
JOHN HUH:テつ Try not to, but on 16 I was kind of nervous.テつ I pulled my shot.

Q.テつ Did they boo you?
JOHN HUH:テつ They did, yeah.

Q.テつ First boo on a golf course?
JOHN HUH:テつ Actually, yeah, that was the first time, yeah.

Q.テつ To play so well in front of them, are you exceeding your expectations so early in the season?
JOHN HUH:テつ I mean, my goal was just keep the card this year.テつ It's never been this situation, so just trying to grind it more, keep playing like this, and I'll be fine.

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