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February 3, 2012

Mary Joe Fernandez

Christina McHale

Serena Williams


CHRIS WIDMAIER:  We would like to start questioning of the U.S. team.

Q.  Mary Joe, what did you see from Christina in practice this week?
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ:  Christina is very match‑fit.  She had a great Australian Open and is very prepared and ready to play.
Venus has had a great week of practice as well, but I think Christina has been playing a lot more.  Venus hasn't played really since the US Open, so I need her fresh for Sunday.
Christina is ready for the challenge, so that's the scoop.

Q.  Does it make any difference at all the order with Christina and Victoria playing first?
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ:  No.  At the end of the day it doesn't really matter who goes first.  I mean, some players like to play first without knowing a result.
But you take it as it's your match, so you're first on or you're second on, like you're at a tournament.

Q.  Christina, do you prefer playing first?
CHRISTINA McHALE:  I think either way is fine.  I mean, I have to be ready either way, so I'm looking forward to it.
It's going to be a tough match, but, yeah, either way it's fine.

Q.  You haven't played Azarenka in a while.  What will be your strategy going into tomorrow?
CHRISTINA McHALE:  Yeah, I mean, obviously it's going to be a very tough match, so I think I just have to go out there and try and be as ready as I can.

Q.  (Question regarding the team's time in Worcester.)
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ:  We've had a very nice time in Worcester.  The weather has been nice and we've had a couple good dinners.  Tuckerman Hall last night for the official dinner was really pretty.
We've just been practicing a lot and just getting ready.  It's been a nice week.

Q.  Is there anything in particular that's been memorable for you guys?
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ:  Chop House was good.  Good food; best bread pudding.

Q.  Serena, you've played Victoria many times in your career.  Do you feel like facing her might be any different this weekend given some of the maybe renewed confidence she has this week, or do you approach this the same way you've approached any other match with her?
SERENA WILLIAMS:  Yeah, no, I don't think it'll be any different.  She's still a great player like she's been in the past.
The same with me.  We're just here to do the best for our country.

Q.  And how do you prepare to face Govortsova, a player you probably don't know quite as well?
SERENA WILLIAMS:  Yeah, I've played her before as well, so this is a good opportunity.  She's actually a really good player.  She has a solid ranking, and so same thing:  Just play for my country and do the best I can.

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