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February 2, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q.  Peter, first of all, let's go back to last week.  You were going so well until the final round.  What happened there?
PETER HANSON:  I was struggling a little bit last week off the tee, and maybe not only the last day, but it really showed in the score the last day, and hitting a lot of unplayables and in water hazards, and I mean to be fair, I only hit 25 percent of the fairways all last week, so I think it caught up to me in the end and when I shot 64 on the Saturday, I only found four fairways that day.
So I was still struggling a little bit with the driver here as well this week, so I need to find a way to get that working a bit better.

Q.  How did you fix it, because there's a big difference in the scoring?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I fixed it because the golf course is a lot easier.  There's no rough here.  That's the way to fix it.
But last week you got really penalized when you missed the fairways, and you saw me and Tiger, I mean he was left and I was right, and we were both struggling, you know, to make birdie.  So that's just the way it is.
This course is set up a little bit easier.  Now we got the wind, but still, finding three fairways today is not really good enough.  I'm doing ‑‑ the rest of the part I'm doing very well.  I'm putting well and hitting the irons well and giving myself chances with the wedges, but I just need to get that driver and 3‑wood working a bit better.

Q.  It was pretty blowy at the end.  How close to unplayable was it?
PETER HANSON:  I think it's okay.  I mean it's blowing hard, but the greens ‑‑ they haven't kept the greens ‑‑ they've kept them pretty slow.  So it's definitely playable.

Q.  Are you looking forward to tomorrow?  It's going to be windy again?
PETER HANSON:  Looking forward to it.  Maybe work a little bit on the range with those longer clubs and see if I can fine tune a little bit.

Q.  Good stuff, Peter.
PETER HANSON:  Thank you.

Q.  If you can elaborate on a round like that, because that's good going in these conditions, isn't it?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah.  Thanks.  Yeah, like I said, a lot of things were going well.  I mean most of the game is there, but like I said, I'm really struggling off the tee, and same thing today.  I'm feeling a little bit insecure when I'm standing over the ball, and same as last week.  I'm spraying the ball all over the planet with the driver and 3‑wood.

Q.  Which exacerbates things in the wind as well when there's cross winds coming in to deal with?
PETER HANSON:  It does.  I'm very lucky they set up the course they did this week with hardly any rough at all, and last week, I guess especially Thursday and Sunday I got really penalized with a lot of unplayables and hitting it in places where you shouldn't be.
Today, I hit a few loose ones today as well, but managed to get away with most of them.  The one on 9 I just pushed a bit right and hit a rock and jumped in even further.  But it was okay.

Q.  It is a new week, so you probably don't want to look back on last week, but you got yourself into a lovely position, and it just didn't work on that final day, did it?
PETER HANSON:  No, it was one of those typical first weeks out.  I mean it was two good days and two really bad ones.  I got off to an awful start the first day and managed to finish it off really bad as well.  It's the way when you're not really in form, you end up in a position where you still want to win, and then kind of a bad spot to be, two behind coming into the last round, and I got off to a really bad start, and both Tiger and Robert played really well and got off to a fast start, and you kind of throw everything at it, and that's the way it goes.  Either you're lucky or you play well enough to make a lot of birdies and catch up or otherwise you're going to fall back.
I had a couple of those weeks last year as well, and I think when you get into position, you're so teamed to win.  That's all you really think about when you end up in that last group.

Q.  So you sort of sound that you can struggle and you can assign that to the first week and get on with the job?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, definitely.  I knew I wasn't playing well, to be honest.  I was quite lucky there on Saturday to get myself into contention, I mean lucky in a way that most of my game is there, but the long game is not really as sharp as it needs to be on a golf course like that.
It was set up very, very tough as well.  Robert played really well, hit a lot of fairways and you're going to leave yourself a lot of birdie chances, but I way me and Tiger played, spraying it off the tee, I think he found four fairways the last day and I probably found similar, and then you can't make any birdies.

Q.  It is hard to second guess what's going to happen here, but presumably your score is going to be right up come the end of play, isn't it?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah.  We'll see what happens.  They're expecting high winds here, so we'll see how it goes, and we're going to have a nice long break now, I think, till tomorrow afternoon at least.  We'll see what happens.  Nice to put a 3‑under par on the board, and a little bit better than last week when I was four over after nine holes on Thursday, so nice to get the job done today.

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