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February 2, 2012

Trevor Immelman


TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ I was 4‑under after the front nine holes there, and then I made a couple birdies here on 2 and 3 to get to 6‑under, and I was playing nicely, and then just unfortunately made a few mistakes there coming in.テつ I wasn't very tidy there on the last four or five holes to be honest.
You know, all in all, happy with my round.テつ The course definitely played a little tougher than probably what we're used to.テつ But you know, you always kind of kick yourself for making some silly mistakes.

Q.テつ If I'm remembering correctly, you weren't going to play here.テつ What made you decide to add it?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ Well, I took three months off.テつ Disney was my last tournament before Humana, and so I had a lot of time off, and I got there, and even though I had done a lot of practice at home, I was extremely rusty playing wise, so I was very disappointed with my start there, and I played a little better last week, and I just figured I'd be better off playing here in a tournament than standing on the range at home.
You know, the hard decision was now this is going to be five weeks in a row away from the family, so that's a record, to start the season.テつ But Carmenita will come out for a few days next week so I'll get to see her, but I'm going to miss the kids.テつ I figure I've got to get some momentum, and going home after playing decently last week wasn't the right decision.

Q.テつ So you feel like obviously you made the right decision?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ Yeah, my game has felt pretty decent for a while now.テつ You know, it's just a matter of me getting some momentum and hitting the right shots at the right time.テつ I definitely felt like it was going to be better for me to stay out here and just get more and more comfortable every week that goes by.

Q.テつ Is it more scoring?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ It's scoring, it's the mental aspect of just being out here, being comfortable, sticking to our routines.テつ When I go home I tend to get a little too caught up in the nuts and bolts of it rather than getting the ball in the hole.

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