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January 28, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q.  How do you reflect on a round like that?
PETER HANSON:  It was great.  It was one of those days where eight birdies, no bogeys, beautiful blue sky in Abu Dhabi.  It was one of those days where you have the best job in the world.

Q.  Because you were under the radar for those first two days, it seems like nothing much happened particularly and then suddenly you're right up there.
PETER HANSON:  Definitely, I got off to a really bad start the first day.  I had a nightmare 4‑over par after six holes.  I was trying to get back but when you're 4‑over after six, you just think you're trying to make the cut and get yourself back into the tournament.  Managed to do that yesterday.
I played quite nicely yesterday and steady round, 3‑under, and then today, Saturday, it's called moving day, so thought we would give it a move and see what happens.  Struck it nice, made birdies on the par 5s, four easy birdies on the par 5s and then a few more, and it felt pretty easy somehow.

Q.  The weather is terrific and there's barely a breeze, but is that course a little easier somehow, the pin positions.
PETER HANSON:  The course is quite tough.  If you drive it off‑line, if you get in the thick rough, you are struggling.  I missed the fairway on 17 and I almost paid the penalty right away.  You find the ball deep in the rough, you're trying to move it 160 yardsto the green; if you drive it off‑line, you're going to struggle.
But to keep it in the fairway with how good the greens are in these conditions, it was a little bit like throwing darts into these pins today.

Q.  Well, there was a problem with one of your playing partners at the 8th, at the final hole, Joost Luiten got in trouble.  That was an odd situation, you were walking on up to the green and just had to wait for the next group through; strange.
PETER HANSON:  I felt a little bit bad.  I didn't realise how long it was going to take otherwise would have I stayed back there with him.  But Graeme Storm was marking his card and they called the referee over and the referee had one opinion and I think Joost and Graeme had one.  So just standing there waiting and just trying to keep my focus and tried to 2‑putt that long, 60‑, 70‑, 80‑foot putt on the last hole.  It was nice to be able to finish with a birdie.

Q.  And it's nice to have another chance here because you've had good chances here in the past, haven't you.
PETER HANSON:  I love Abu Dhabi.  It's one of the best venues we play.  The weather is always very good.  We get quite a few Swedes coming down here, good support and good crowds out here.  So like you said, I finished second once behind Paul Casey and it would be so nice to be up there tomorrow coming into the back nine again.

Q.  Did you come down to this part of the world to get some heat over the winter?
PETER HANSON:  I didn't.  I stayed back over in the U.S.  it was a pretty short break for us this year.  We finished playing in Dubai mid‑December, so I went back to the family and family is here with me now, so might spend a bit of time with them.

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