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January 27, 2012

Matteo Manassero


Q.テつ Reflect on that round, that was superb, wasn't it, on a very tough track?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ It was a very, very good round.テつ The best in maybe the last six months.テつ I'm really, really proud of what I've done out there today.テつ I'm really happy to be in contention again.

Q.テつ Was it something that particularly clicked that made you get those shots, get some precision out there?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ The crowd really supported me all day.テつ I only had 21 putts today.テつ It was really, really strange for me because I always complain on the putting and that's what I've been complaining on.テつ Today it's worked very well and I managed really well.

Q.テつ Not the easiest greens.
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ If you read them well, strike the putt well, they are the purest greens probably we play all year.

Q.テつ Am I right in thinking some of the ground work was done in that final round at Fancourt last week?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ Certainly gave me a lot of confidence.テつ I was coming out of a stressful period and certainly 5‑under on a golf course like Fancourt was very important for me.

Q.テつ Six months, that golden period, and everything was going your way and suddenly it wasn't?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ Yeah, that's what it was.テつ You get used to playing so well and to score well, and then all of a sudden, you don't play as well and you are not anymore able to score well.テつ That gets frustrating.
I think it was too good of a period before and now just a normal bad period.

Q.テつ You find yourself going out to dinner at night and chatting to colleagues, thinking, what's going on on and what am I doing wrong and getting yourself into a spiral?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ That's how it is.テつ You start thinking about everything, and you know, you don't really know what's the key.テつ But then you find the key yourself and maybe putting together a good round.

Q.テつ When you get a round like this, you have to treat it with equanimity, know it's good and know that things could change?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ There are two important days of golf to play.

Q.テつ So you'll be excited by those.
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ I will be.テつ I'm very excited to be back in contention again, absolutely.

Q.テつ And you're sponsored by the ADTA.
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ Well, it's great, it's great to play well in Abu Dhabi and I really like the course and everything, being here, this is the third time so I know the course a little bit.テつ It's particularly good, and nice to play in front of my sponsors.

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