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January 27, 2012

Gareth Maybin


Q.テつ 2‑under par, second round of the tournament, how pleased are you?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ I didn't score as well today but played a little bit better which is encouraging.テつ Still haven't dropped a shot which is nice.テつ How my game is going to have to be around here, make as few mistakes as possible and try to keep making birdies.

Q.テつ How tremendous to stay bogey‑free for two rounds?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ I made a few good putts, a few good up‑and‑downs.テつ Still tricky driving the ball, especially if you get a little bit of wind.テつ Doesn't take much, just a little bit, but my short game has been the key.テつ Just keep trying to put it in the fairway, not be too aggressive and get my chances when they come.
Probably played a little bit better today.テつ Managed to shoot 4‑under and played a little bit better today.テつ Made a couple of birdies and no dropped shots which is nice.テつ Hopefully I'll keep it going and just try to keep the bogeys off the card and give myself chances.

Q.テつ Everybody has a bogey on their card, a tough track but not yours?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ Yeah, coming off a seven‑week layoff, quite surprising, I'm usually not the quickest to get out of the gates but this is a little different.

Q.テつ What do you do in preparation?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ I did a lot of gym work, hung out with my friends, my wife, my family, stuff like that.テつ Not a whole lot of golf in there.

Q.テつ Recharge the batteries and be ready that kind of way?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ Yeah, get freshened up and get my mind cleared after last year and feels pretty good.

Q.テつ You've been out here a few times now, so I take it Abu Dhabi is a place that appeals?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ HSBC are fantastic sponsors and put on a great event on a wonderful golf course.

Q.テつ A tournament that grows in stature every year?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ Yeah, you can tell by the field.テつ A field that Tiger Woods is in is generally a pretty good one.
I see Tiger is on 6‑under, so hopefully he stays there and I get to play with him tomorrow.

Q.テつ I take it you've not played with him in the past?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ Never.テつ Pretty good experience.

Q.テつ Do you notice when you're actually out there playing the number of people that are around him and whether there's any kind of impact on your game?
GARETH MAYBIN:テつ Without a doubt.テつ Obviously him and Rory and Luke are carrying a big crowd, but I think we've got a few of those spectators chasing forward, so it's nice.

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