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September 4, 1998

Michael Chang


Q. What is your comments on the match?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think that I was not quite able to explain why I am not able to grab those few key points, actually I had so many opportunities to win this match and just wasn't able to get those last crucial points. I had three match points in the third set and was tentative one, and I went for another one, just missed it, like an inch and a half, two inches wide. Up again, a break in the fourth set and just wasn't able to close the match out. I think it was just a little bit unfortunate. Carlos played some good tennis from there on out and definitely picked it up.

Q. You played two first sets very solid. What happened after -- do you think that he played better?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think I started to miss a little bit more. I was attacking him quite well. Pretty effective. I think third fourth and fifth set I wasn't -- was making more errors definitely. I had opportunities and wasn't able to -- just missing shots, just little better and there I had a breakpoint in the fifth set and I think I missed it by a half inch wide. It is tough to explain. These kind of matches, if you look at it any other way technically it should have been mine. But just didn't come out that way in the end.

Q. Are you surprised by how smooth the first two sets went?

MICHAEL CHANG: No, not a whole lot. I felt like I was playing really well. I started off playing very, very well, playing some solid tennis, wasn't much Carlos could do. He wasn't -- he wasn't able to stay with me the first couple of sets. I don't know if I -- I played extremely well, definitely first couple of sets. But you have got to give Carlos credit. He hung in there and vehicled out of that third set and I think that was a pretty key part of the match, as well as the fourth set. Yeah, I just had -- I had so many opportunities, but just didn't go my way.

Q. Any part of it because you haven't played that much this year?

MICHAEL CHANG: I don't think so, it is possible. I am not going to make any excuses tonight. I felt like I played some good tennis and I prepared the best way that I possibly could have for the summer, considering the circumstances, and I came in and, again, I gave it my all. I thought that -- I am going to probably dream about missed chances.

Q. That return was just almost there.

MICHAEL CHANG: Like two inches and I had a breakpoint. I was up 4-3 in the fourth set. I had breakpoints in the fifth set, I went for a forehand, I was just wide, about a half inch wide. Just got away from me. It is hard to explain, but all and all, I don't think I can complain a whole lot. I am pretty happy to be able to have played this Open, but today I think it was a match that technically should have been mine.

Q. Was your body okay at the end?

MICHAEL CHANG: Yeah, I was okay. I strained my groin a little bit, but I took care of it, and it was okay. It didn't bother me for the rest of the match. Nothing -- no major problems.

Q. Coming back to win here?

MICHAEL CHANG: Why not. Absolutely. I think in everyone's career you are going to have heartbreaking matches, but I think that in all circumstances you have to be able to take the bad with the good, and I feel like I am waiting for my time. I feel like my time will come. The Lord has always been faithful and continue to work at it, continue to persevere, you guys have heard that time and time again, but I am going to keep telling you guys that because it is something that I truly believe in my heart.

Q. You heard Andre's comments in the Davis Cup.


Q. He said that he was bothered by your attitude about the Davis Cup?

MICHAEL CHANG: Andre feels his way. Was that recently?

Q. Yesterday.

MICHAEL CHANG: Well, he said that before. Andre has his opinions about everything. It's kind of odd that he always comes and tells you guys, never tells me. Obviously, Andre has his reasons for playing Davis Cup, for not playing Davis Cup and I am just going to leave it at that. Andre is always a pretty vocal guy. He is always going to voice his opinions on certain things and for me it is a matter of if I want to take it, if I want to listen to it or not. I have my reasons for Davis Cup and I don't think Andre understands the full situation that I am in, and I don't understand the full situation that he is in. For me, personally, I am not in a position to make a comment as far as why Andre doesn't play Davis Cup and why he is not going to play semifinals because I don't know his full situation. I am not going to -- I am not in his shoes and, therefore, I am not going to make any comments without knowing the full story.

Q. You let the door slightly ajar the other day, no chance?

MICHAEL CHANG: No, not really. Not really. I told Gully in the beginning of the year even before all these injuries came about, so, first thing's first trying to get really 100% healthy, and that is really going to be important. I think once I am able to take care of that, then we will look at some of the of the other issues. Great, thanks.

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