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January 27, 2012

Luke Donald


LUKE DONALD:テつ I didn't play my best today.テつ I played pretty solidly yesterday and didn't get a lot out of it.テつ Today I wasn't quite solid but you know, just being six off the lead, a good round tomorrow, have a good chance.

Q.テつ Essentially you're right in that mix once again?
LUKE DONALD:テつ Well, I need to play well tomorrow, yes.テつ Get myself back in contention, but if I do that, then I'll have a chance to win on Sunday.

Q.テつ How difficult is it to get used to new clubs, because there's so many new clubs in that bag?
LUKE DONALD:テつ They were a little different actually.テつ Some of the irons do seem to be a little bit flying a little bit higher, so downwind they are going a little bit further and not going quite as far.
So as I said, this is a great week to try it out.テつ Whether I'll still be playing with these in my next event I'm not sure yet.テつ But certainly a couple of times today, I hit some shots which I thought were good, but came up short or went long.

Q.テつ There's a few times missing fairways, dare I say?
LUKE DONALD:テつ It's easy to do around this place.テつ It's a tight driving course, and yeah, you know, as I said, I'm always continually working on my driving and it's a process of trying to keep improving it.

Q.テつ Elaborate just a little on the state of this course and the difficult nature of this.テつ It has been‑‑ I know you have not played the last couple of years but it's been strengthened considerably down the years.
LUKE DONALD:テつ Certainly as I said, I played nine holes Tuesday and Pro‑Am Wednesday and I didn't think it was that easy.テつ I'm not surprised really how bunched up the scores are.テつ No one is really going too low because it is a difficult test.テつ The fairways are tight and the rough is extremely penal and you know, even with the grainy greens, they are hard to hole putts.

Q.テつ Having seen your playing partners at such close quarters, what's your assessment of how well they are doing?
LUKE DONALD:テつ Well, you know, Rory is always a mixed bag, lots of birdies, bogeys, and he's playing well.テつ He's an aggressive golfer and I think that's showing in his scores.テつ He's obviously making plenty of birdies, which is putting him in great position.
Tiger, his short game was better today so he putted better.テつ Yesterday his control of his golf ball was as good as I've seen it.テつ 17 greens, he was shaping it both ways, and so that's always a daunting sign for us.
He looked like he didn't hit it as well today but he scored better because of the short game, and I'm one who knows all too well that you don't have to hit it great to win.テつ You can scrap it around a little bit but if your short game is on, you can score.

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