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January 27, 2012

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE:テつ I still hit a lot of good shots, hit a lot of good iron shots and any time you shoot 69 around a course as tough as this, then you've played all right.
I hit it really good, there's much more rough and it's much tighter.テつ Fairways are much narrower and greens are firmer.テつ Overall you can see by the scoring‑‑ normally the scoring is pretty good around here but they have changed it completely.テつ It's a good test.

Q.テつ Fits the championship, the prestige?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ It's a great field.テつ I don't think you want 25‑under winning tournaments with a field of this quality.テつ You want sort of someone to play well and shoot 15‑under for the week I would have thought, so they are going to get that roughly.

Q.テつ Are you feeling the benefit of playing pretty good at Fancourt last week?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, well, 10th place, first week of the year, you're maybe a wee bit rusty.テつ But because I play a lot of golf on holiday now, I don't feel rusty when I come out so just try to continue on finishing the year well and it's important to come out and play half‑decent, which I've done.

Q.テつ Talk me through the highlights of today if you would.
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ I just hit some nice, solid shots.テつ I didn't really hit anything‑‑ I missed a couple of short putts out there but then you finish off 18 and you hit a lovely drive, 3‑wood middle of the green and 3‑putt for five to finish the day, it's a bit of a poor finish.テつ I hit some nice shots, played solid.

Q.テつ Your position on that leaderboard, decent for the weekend, isn't it?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, it's not for Sunday that you want to be up there, but you've got to be up there every day to have a chance‑‑ to give yourself to win on the back nine holes on Sunday.

Q.テつ And the reason you played lots on holiday is your children are playing good golf?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, the boys are playing a lot and they are a good standard.テつ So we played together on holiday the last couple of years.テつ I think it's benefitted me when I've played a lot more golf on holiday.テつ Used to come out and struggle a bit the first couple of weeks, but the last two or three years I've come out playing better.

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