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January 27, 2012

Robert Karlsson


ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Today I played really, really well.テつ Hit a lot more fairways and everything, but it's just difficult.テつ It's a tricky golf course to make a good score around and I'm actually more happy with today the way I played.

Q.テつ Looked like the accuracy that you were striving for on the first day really over the front nine particularly?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Yeah, I played pretty good actually.テつ I was pretty happy with it, especially the driving.テつ I played pretty good.

Q.テつ A bit up‑and‑down coming home?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ When you miss a shot here it's usually difficult.テつ Some of the holes, as well, with the narrow fairways‑‑ on 14, you stand on the tee and if you hit driver, you are taking both bunkers into play.
But if you hit 3‑wood, you are so far back so it's almost better to be in the bunkers anyway because they are fairly flat.テつ And as long as you get a decent lie, it's no more than 7‑iron into the green.テつ You take it on and take your chances a bit when it gets this difficult because it's better to miss it close to the green than miss it far away.テつ That's just the way it is.

Q.テつ All sort of thoughts on the 18th, you made the green in two.
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ I would never go for it if I didn't feel comfortable.テつ If I hit a good one, I've thought I was going to get closer, because the worst thing you can do on the 18th is leave yourself a 60‑yard bunker shot.テつ So I was happy with that.テつ I hit two good putts and just miss‑read the second one.

Q.テつ Is there something about desert courses that just particularly appeal, because you've got a good record on them?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Yeah, this is one I haven't been so successful on actually but the other ones I've been good at.
I think in general, the desert courses sets up for longer players.テつ Just look at the winners over the years.テつ It's pretty much set up for long hitters and I think I've put myself in that category.

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