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January 27, 2012

Robert Rock


Q.テつ Tell me about two good days, if you would.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yesterday was probably slightly better than today but I played okay.テつ I played pretty good last week and a slight improvement in the driving so some of the carries that I would normally not take on around this course, I've been able to do.テつ So far, so good.

Q.テつ Needing the accuracy with the driver even more than usual?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ You do.テつ The rough is pretty thick.テつ You can be lucky, if you miss it a good way off and get in sand, there's better lies to be had there, and the fairway bunkers are easier.テつ But the rough is hard in almost every spot.

Q.テつ Which means that your score at this current stage into the weekend is all the more impressive, isn't it?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yes, not too bad.テつ I'm happy enough.テつ This place is probably in the past‑‑ when Martin decided to shoot 20‑under or so, not quite seeing that.

Q.テつ Most people are struggling to even make five at the moment.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yeah, it is tougher.テつ The greens are a little dry it seems.テつ Doesn't seem much different to the last time, and yet the scores are.テつ So I'm missing something so far.

Q.テつ Do you feel any different this year coming in as a champion?テつ We spoke after Italy, knowing that you could reschedule things.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ A little bit.テつ I feel like now I've got something that I'm searching for and I've got better every year, and I've got better over the winter and the end of last year and start of this year.テつ I've improved slightly.テつ So that's a good sign.

Q.テつ Have you changed things in terms of, not the game, but which tournaments you're going to be playing?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ Yeah, I'm going to play more of the ones thatI want and not that I was merely going to thinking I would be doing well and just make some money at.
So it's going to be a shorter season for me.テつ I normally have done over 30 events.テつ I'd be surprised if I did that many this year and I'll miss out on some of the ones that will be more of a big effort.
I have a couple of new projects that's taken a bit of interest, as well.テつ I'm doing a bit of course design with James Edwards; we have done some limited things so far, but I want to have more time free for that and I'm starting a golf academy.

Q.テつ With your background as a teaching pro, presumably that was the root of wanting to do something like that.
ROBERT ROCK:テつ It's at that same venue, Lichfield, and they have been kind enough to let me build on what's there and take over the teaching.テつ We are now teaching kids in schools for free which is a nice thing to be able to do.
So the pros down at range are going into schools in our area and just giving them a little taste, and the kids seem to like it.テつ We are inviting them down and giving them free lessons and use of the place.

Q.テつ Is it called the Robert Rock Academy?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ It's changed names a few times.テつ It got a little bit of abuse as you can imagine.テつ But it changed to part of the golf club and now it is my academy.テつ So that's quite cool.

Q.テつ Course design, what does that entail?
ROBERT ROCK:テつ At the moment I've just done a slightly remodeling project with James and busy doing the work now.テつ So I'll be keen to go back and see how that's going to pan out.テつ I've got a lot to learn with that yet so I'm studying that.

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