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January 22, 2012

Ernie Els


Q.  Good day today?
ERNIE ELS:  Yeah, I did play well.  I kept it in play all day most of the day.  Obviously not like a broke a record, but a couple more putts here and there and really could have been something special.  Very encouraging week, all four rounds under par, and as I say, really could have been something special but I'm working on some good stuff and good start to the week.

Q.  How long have you been using that?
ERNIE ELS:  The putter?  Since June, July.  But a couple of different little things I'm working on.

Q.  Tell us about the shoes.
ERNIE ELS:  Yeah, I've got some comments out there the last four days.  They are comfortable.  Callaway's new version of this kind of shoe.  I played with it in December with my mates and very comfortable.  I think this might be my look, you never know, whether you like it or not.
It is actually made for golf.

Q.  Lightweight?
ERNIE ELS:  Lightweight, comfortable.  But you've got to be 42 to wear them.

Q.  When you were coming up 18, did you think eagle in your mind?
ERNIE ELS:  Yeah, coming in, I hit really nice putts, on 14, and I miss a read it and missed left.  15, I just didn't quite hit it hard enough and missed to the right.  16, same thing, didn't quite get it.  So those 3‑putts probably will cost me at the end of the day.  I still had to make sure to make 4 on 18, so I hit 3‑wood, 3‑wood second and pitched it on.

Q.  The eagle at 13, what did you use there?
ERNIE ELS:  Good drive, 3‑iron, 15 feet left of the hole and surprisingly made a putt.  So that was nice.  The back nine I was really almost flawless to be honest.  I hit it close on 10 about 12 feet, missed, birdied 11, played 12 very well, that was the eagle.
So, encouraging.  Hopefully it stands up for a playoff at least.

Q.  You said you came here looking for your sense of humour; have you found it?
ERNIE ELS:  Getting closer to it, yeah.

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