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January 21, 2012

Padraig Harrington


Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつテつ It's probably not a great day, getting a little ahead of myself but it would be nice to make an eagle, if I hit a good drive, I'll be hitting iron into the pin or if I hit this 3‑wood or 5‑wood, I would only be playing for a four.
Not a bad effort.テつ It would have been nice, as I said, when I was‑‑ I thought the leader was 11.テつ It was one of those situations of, I felt if I could make eagle, I wouldn't be too far back come tomorrow.テつ Obviously as always, you misunderstand the situation even at this stage.テつ Three shots isn't too much.

Q.テつ Certainly not around here.
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ No.テつ Those bunkers, like the 10th hole, hit a nice drive and I had a chip shot to the green.テつ Today I hit a nice drive and I had a 5‑iron to the green, and it wasn't like the wind was that much stronger and it was in a slightly different direction.テつ Probably quarter down, quarter in today.テつ Amazing how many bunkers we played over yesterday that we were not able to reach today.

Q.テつ The range is 69 to 90 so far today.
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ I didn't really want to know‑‑ the 69, you know, obviously I worked hard all the way through.テつ When I had to chip‑and‑putt, I chipped and putted and made a disappointing bogey on 13 after hitting a lovely pitch in there.テつ But besides, that I made the most of my day mostly.テつ Certainly a lot of tough holes out there.テつ So, yeah, you have to hit it well off the tee.

Q.テつ Positive week regardless of tomorrow.
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ I can see, like there's a glaring part of my game missing.テつ And it's actually all the way through my game.テつ My routine is very‑‑ it's not flowing.テつ So I can see that I was trying to get it to flow today.テつ It was better with the flow today.テつ It was the first day I didn't really realise, didn't think too much about it.テつ Today I was trying to make it work.テつ But you would obviously prefer to be in a day one situation where even if it's broken, you're not aware it's broken.
Going forward, I would be quite positive I can fix that, and I do see it as something, the more think about it, the more it's kind of let me down the last year or so.テつ Feeling positive going forward with it.

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