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August 19, 2004

Alicia Molik

ATHENS, GREECE, A. MOLIK/A. Sugiyama 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Must be a good feeling. Two bites of the cherry for a medal.

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, definitely. I think regardless now, I'm going to be playing -- you know, they're all going to be medal matches whether I win or whether I lose. But, you know, I think the game today is a repeat of yesterday, which is a repeat of the day before. On a roll now. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not feeling tired. I'm coming out feeling fresh every night. So, yeah, I mean, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, especially seeing the form that I had today against Sugi. I think I played well, I played solid. (Inaudible) matches in every single match that I've played, they've all been very similar. Just got to keep it going.

Q. Is it possible the other three semifinalists will be the Top 3 in the world? Do you give yourself a chance of winning the gold?

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, absolutely. If I position myself to get out on the court, which I have, I played Mauresmo I think three weeks ago now in San Diego, and I beat her in three sets. So, you know, I've got as good a shot as anyone. I've beaten Kuznetsova before, I've beaten Myskina before. Every single player in the draw there I've had a crack at before. So, yeah, especially with the form I'm in now and the confidence I've got, I don't see any reason why. But, you know, again tomorrow I've just got to come out and really, you know, focus on what I need to do on the court and just focus on my own game, which I did today, which proved to be enough.

Q. It's an all-out attack?

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah. If I do it enough, I mean, that's what I practice every single day of my life, is my game and, you know, my style of play. So if I go out on the court, like against Sugi today, and do it enough, I do it more often than not, you know, I think I'm going to win. So, yeah, it's just something that I think I need to keep doing in the next two matches. I've done it solidly the last four. So, yeah, get out, be aggressive, hit the ball, hit my serves, run with what's working, which is a lot of different things right now.

Q. Do you have to maybe pull in the reins a little bit, not allow yourself to get too excited about the way things are going?

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, well I'm not too excited right now, so no reason really to pull in the reins. I've taken it one match at a time. I've got doubles tonight. I take my doubles as seriously as I take my singles. So, yeah, I mean, I've got that to think about, as well. So, you know, I'm not going to be thinking about my singles tomorrow until doubles is finished tonight. So one thing at a time. But, yeah, I mean, I'll go home tonight, I'll get my mind off it, I'll relax. You know, keep the routine up. Do the same thing I've been doing the last couple nights. Hope to come out just as fresh tomorrow as I did today.

Q. Do you also look at the ranking aspect with these Olympics carrying points?

ALICIA MOLIK: I haven't looked at it. I'm obviously aware, like every other player is, that this is the first time that they have awarded points, which I think is fantastic. It's probably drawing a lot of the top players here. But, you know, I would rather play in a tournament with points any day than one without. I've beaten some quality players. I might pick up a few extra points. How many, I have no idea. I've got no idea about round points or about bonus points. I usually don't look at those things. I usually let my coach take care of that.

Q. What about the next round? We don't know against whom yet, Mauresmo or Kuznetsova.

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, I was just watching upstairs actually the match. But, I don't know, I think it was 2-All or 3-2.

Q. Can you look at them individually.

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, I mean, both are aggressive players. And, I mean, Mauresmo I played three weeks ago, so that match is really fresh in my mind. Kuznetsova, she got the better of me last time. But, you know, I think we know each other's games inside and out. I feel like I've been playing well. I feel like I'm playing the type of tennis I need to play to have a shot at both of these girls. I was watching it pretty closely and, you know, I'm definitely interested to see who I have to play.

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