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January 14, 2012

Duffy Waldorf


Q.  Duffy, another solid day out there, just get your comments.
DUFFY WALDORF:  Yeah, I think I started off a little nervous, the wind was blowing pretty good and got off to a rough start but birdie on 3 kind of settled me down and I stayed patient.
I felt like I was hitting the ball okay but not great just kind of waiting for the putter to heat up and I never really hit the ball super close but on the back side I started getting some reasonable opportunities.  I drained some pretty good putts.
I made birdie on No.9, was a 2‑putt.  But after, that I made a really good birdie on 12 with about a 20‑footer.
And 13 I made about a 20‑footer, and then I made a good shot on 15 but I still had to make about a 12‑foot putt.
And then finished it up with a good shot on 17 and made about a 6‑footer there.  I wasn't hitting the ball super close but my putter got going on the back side and that was the difference for me.
Kind of got off the shaky start and got to playing pretty solid golf and hitting greens.  I just missed the first fairway and missed the second green and after that I played solid for 16 holes.

Q.  Did you see one like this coming?
DUFFY WALDORF:  No, not at all.

Q.  Trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.
DUFFY WALDORF:  I felt like I was playing well.  Even when you're playing well, you never know for sure what's going to show up.
I felt like I was swinging at it pretty well but after the first day, I struggled a little bit and I was on the range on the morning, real early morning time on Friday and I just felt like I needed to make just a slight change in my swing and I did, and it really helped.
I had been hitting‑‑ I felt like I had been hitting too many draws, I started hitting some cuts and that really made a difference.  I've been playing a lot more cut shots today and yesterday and that really helped my accuracy with my irons.

Q.  What does it feel like to be in contention?
DUFFY WALDORF:  I don't know, I had not even thought about it because it's weird, I got off to such a poor start and honestly when I made the turn, I was on the 9th green and looked up and I was in like 40th place before I played the ninth hole and I'm thinking, I don't feel like I'm in contention, 40th place.
But then I looked at the leaderboard and was like, the leader is at 9‑under.  It's such a good bunching of the players, it's like, well, if I go make some more birdies, I might get back in it and that's what happened on the back side.

Q.  Talk about the long road you've been through the last few years.
DUFFY WALDORF:  Probably the longest part has been last year playing in a lot of golf tournaments and not doing well, and I didn't feel well at all of them.  But I felt good at some of them, and it was tough not having a game that you felt like you could compete with.  That was the hardest part.
The years before that, 2009, 2010, 2008, I was off, recovering.  Those were not as hard but when you put it after having almost three years off and then you put it back out there and it's not what you had hoped, you had hoped to do a lot better, it's disappointing.
But, I kept a pretty good attitude and my game just got better.  I felt like if my game kept getting better I would be okay and it really just slowly got better throughout the year; if you look at my results, I missed a lot of cuts early and started making cuts in the summer and then played a good tournament, Nationwide tournament in October and then just continuing to get better from here on.

Q.  Have you had multiple knee surgeries?
DUFFY WALDORF:  Four.  One kind of wasn't.  I've had two scopes and then my third surgery was called an osteotomy where they break your tibia and reset your leg.  They put a plate in there to hold it.  Then I had a fourth surgery, I had the plate in there for almost two years and felt like the plate was bothering me, and that was August of 2010.
I took the plate out which the doctors did not want to do and since then, it been a lot better.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it for 2011 and once I started to play, I've improved.  It's still a slow grind and certain lies give it a problem but getting better all the time.  I do have to say I fancy courses like this that are more flatter.

Q.  What are your future plans?  What are your thoughts from here forward?
JEFF MAGGERT:  I'm going to play as many tournaments as I can this year for the most part.  I've got to be somewhat collective on the medical but I'm kind in a position where I don't get to choose right now.
So the better I play, the more choice I'm going to get so that's my goal to obviously play as well as I can and play as many TOUR events as I can.  If I don't get TOUR events, I'll play the Nationwide Tour and if I'm not doing well enough, I'll play the Champions Tour in August.

Q.  Have you had plans to do that or just wait and see?
JEFF MAGGERT:  Obvious, my plan would be to have about $1million in the bank on the regular tour, won a tournament and be playing in the FedExCup instead of starting on the Champions Tour.  That would be my ideal scenario.

Q.  In a certain way, kind of fun‑‑
JEFF MAGGERT:  No doubt.  A good friend of mine is Tom Pernice, Jr., and he kept his card last year and he's been playing just selectively on the Champions Tour.  He has a very good time out there.
I definitely could‑‑ he has a good scenario where he plays a lot of TOUR events and a few Champions Tour.  That would be great for me.  I think most of the guys out here that are competitive still want to play some TOUR events, and it's just a mix of how many you want to play.  And obviously when you're full‑time out here, you don't play in a lot of the events, so it's nice to have a lot to choose from.

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