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January 8, 2012

Bryce Molder


Q.テつ Bryce, talk about that round, bogey early, bogey late but some great play in between?
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ Yeah, it was‑‑ the meat of the Sandwich there was really good.テつ Yeah, it was funny, the first few holes, I caught myself on No. 3, I backed up off of two shots when my mind was kind of wandering a little bit.テつ Who knows, maybe Maui got to me a little bit and made bogey and that's a quick way to focus.テつ Just had a lot go well right there in the middle after playing well.
But I had a lot go well and then at the end, I hit one or two loose shots, but it's kind of the way the golf course is.テつ You can hit some decent shots and make bogeys and make birdies.テつ But it was good.

Q.テつ Take us through No. 14, if you can?
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ Yeah, every day I've hit my tee shot right where I'm looking and I just had a small little 75‑yard sand wedge from there and actually kind of pulled it and hit it a little harder than I wanted to.テつ Happened to go in.テつ You hit a lot of good shots you don't get rewarded for and that was certainly‑‑ it was a decent shot that I got extremely rewarded for.テつ It came back and went in the hole.

Q.テつ Did you feel like because you're down that everybody that's behind so far has to go out and make things happen?
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ You know, Steve is certainly not one to back off the pedal.テつ And I don't think it's from a strategy standpoint.テつ I think he kind of keeps playing his game.テつ So you know there's not a great chance he's going to come back to the field a lot, so you've got to make some birdies.
But out here, there's really only, you know, there's really only a shot to hit, the correct shot; so you just are trying to hit that shot and keep going.テつ Certainly when I made that eagle‑‑ even when you make a shot, you have adrenaline you're not used to having.テつ So I noticed a little bit of gut check there.

Q.テつ Did you look at the leaderboard at all today?
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ I saw that through nine, he was just playing okay, and I thought, okay, well, cool, now we're within striking distance.テつ But you know, so much can happen in so many holes.テつ I think I was 3‑down at oneテつ and I may end up being ten down by the end of the day, who knows.テつ I didn't see anything in the last few holes.

Q.テつ This golf course, you said that local knowledge was important?
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ I must say that playing just about every day since Wednesday, the wind has been the same‑‑ so it's been a little easier for guys like me, my firstテつ around here, playing on Thursday in the Pro‑Am in the exact conditions we played on Friday and Saturday.
It makes a big, big difference.テつ It really does, and we were dialed in.テつ We had judged it correctly that day, so then going into Friday the first round, there wasn't any question as to which club off the tees and we figured out a few of the tricky holes.テつ So if the wind switched on us, then there would be a few of us that we would have no idea what golf course we are on.

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