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January 7, 2012

Gael Monfils


7‑5, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Did you feel you had a great tournament despite the loss in the final?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ It was a good tournament, I would say.テつ Yeah, good tournament.テつ Great, I don't know, but a good tournament.テつ I will keep like a lot of positive things about this week, and then, yeah, it was a good tournament.

Q.テつ Was it difficult in the final, both playing a friend and also the conditions?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, I think the condition was a bit tough, but it was for both of us.テつ So then I think ‑‑I mean, today I was maybe less powerful than I was during this week, because I think also Jo play different.テつ He was playing a bit soft and then change the rhythm, like a bit hard and mix it up with some slice.
You know, I think I had some opportunities in the first set, and I was maybe a bit less aggressive maybe tonight to finish this first set.
And then I think he played better and better, and the second set for just a break down.

Q.テつ What do you think you can do now in the next month or so of the season?テつ What do you think you can achieve, say, in Australia?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ You know, my main goal is just to be healthy.テつ You know, if I can keep go and play weeks after weeks like this, you know, with consistency, I hope I will achieve that, is my priority.

Q.テつ Just a follow‑up on that:テつ How does it prepare you for Australia?テつ And when you think about Australia, what is your goal there?テつ How deep would you like to go?テつ What are you thinking with goals in Australia?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ You know, I never have goals for a Grand Slam, because every Grand Slam it's a dream to win it, you know, so it's more than a goal.テつ Is just big achievement you can have in your career.
So I'm going there with confidence.テつ I'm going there with a great tennis week behind me.テつ Now I will have a few more matches I think in my belt next week to adjust a couple of stuff and maybe wait for one or two days and maybe work heavy two more days and then chill out a bit and be ready for the Aussie.

Q.テつ Obviously Jo had basically a day's rest because of Roger Federer pulling out.テつ Do you think that that was a telling advantage today?テつ Did you feel more tired, do you think?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ You know, I don't know if it's advantage, but for sure he was maybe fresher than me.テつ But today, I mean, today he was just better than me.テつ I think that's just the reason about his win.

Q.テつ You seemed really relaxed before the final today.テつ Is that normally how you are, or are you exceptionally relaxed these days because you're confident about your game?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Just because I'm relaxing every time, any match.

Q.テつ You've got a lot of Filipino fans back in the Philippines, and we would like to find out where do you learn more, from your wins or your losses?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ I think both.

Q.テつ Both?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Both.テつ But I will say for myself, more for when I lose the match I learn like a lot, because there is always something to learn and always, you know, something to change.テつ So for when I lose it's better sometime.

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