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March 27, 2005

Alicia Molik

MIAMI, FLORIDA, A. MOLIK/G. Dulko 3-6, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Alicia, the first set was a bit up and down, got off to a break and then let her back into the match.

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, I mean, you know, it's not a break until you hold, is how the old saying goes. But, yeah, I guess I was a little bit relieved to get such an early break. Gisela is one of those players, she can get on a roll with her returns, Especially she's got a pretty good backhand return. In saying that, it was a lazy game, just a couple of errors. You know, she gained a little bit of confidence and momentum from that. So I lost the first set 6-3.

But nevertheless, I knew what I had to do to get back in it and consolidate and then get through that third set.

But, I mean, a scratchy match. It wasn't the best. But still to get through, I'm pretty happy.

Q.Were you at all concerned after losing the first set, or did you feel you were still comfortable?

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, no, I wasn't -- I mean, there was no reason to be concerned or worried. You know, I made a lot of errors in that first set so, you know, I didn't really feel like she won the set; I felt like more or less I made the majority of the errors, which gave her the set. So, you know, it was a matter of understanding what I needed to do in the second and third sets, which pretty much I did. It was hard out there with the blustery conditions. I did find it a little bit difficult out there. But, no, there were no panic stations after losing the first set.

Q.What about playing Henin-Hardenne in the next round?

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, it's been a while, I think, since I've played Justine or seen Justine play. You know, it's going to be a good match. I think, you know, she hasn't played a lot of tennis in the last couple of months, so it's a very good opportunity for me. She's beaten me the last couple of times. I'll be going out there and taking it to her, being aggressive, hitting some big serves. I like the conditions here, so they're, you know -- the balls in the courts are taking my kick quite well, so I'll try and do a lot of that tomorrow.

Q.About the conditions, today the temperature is a little bit better, but it has been incredibly muggy and hot. You don't mind the windy conditions?

ALICIA MOLIK: Oh, I mean, you know, the other night when I played it was absolutely still. Today it was very blustery. But the wind is something that I can use for me, you know, if I'm smart about the way I play. It can add to my game, it can add to my serve, it can add to my spin and my speed. But, I mean, it's blowing down both ends. It's not like it's just down my end or just down my opponent's end. It's a matter, I think, of who gets less frustrated as well.

Q.Can I ask about the management change.


Q.Going to a bigger company, your thoughts, your reasoning? What prompted it?

ALICIA MOLIK: Yeah, well, nothing's set in stone right now. But I think at this stage in my career, I think it's, you know, I'm away a lot, I play world sport. I think it's very important that I have global representation. I've had a wonderful time with Pete, it's been an incredible time together. He's very much like family, so... But, you know, there comes a time when I think you need to make decisions, and I've made that decision. Nothing is quite set in stone just yet, but I think it's a good move for me, a very important move at this stage in my career.

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