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January 6, 2012

Webb Simpson


Q.  Just talk a little bit about your round.  Nice start to the season.
WEBB SIMPSON:¬† Yeah, it was good, man.¬† Played nice and solid, hit a bunch of good shots, putted really well.¬† I missed a five‑footer on 15 and a five‑footer on the last, but to be honest, I hit two really good putts, especially 18.¬† The green just got a little grainy.¬† It's tough to make everything out here with the wind blowing.¬† But overall really happy with the start.

Q.  Talk about taking that first swing of the new year and how that feels to be back at it.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It feels great.  I looked at my caddie on the second hole, or he looked at me and said, this feels nice to be back at work and playing again.  It was a good feeling to get back in the game and start grinding again.

Q.  Thoughts on the golf course?
WEBB SIMPSON:¬† Golf course is beautiful.¬† The wind, I think we're going to have a similar wind all week.¬† Being a first‑timer here, if that happens, it'll help me, I think.

Q.  Any comments on the stuff they were talking about with Nick?  Were you involved in any conversations?
WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, the rules staff, they do such a great job here protecting the players, and they're just trying to protect the field, but I've known Chad Reynolds for a while now, and I know there was nothing going on there.  I thought maybe something just looked suspicious that wasn't really anything.

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