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January 6, 2012

Courtney Upshaw


Q.  Courtney, when you think about this whole situation, let's face it, you cannot wait until Sunday, how agonizing is it?  Because you guys have gone through all the huddles.
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  Mainly it's the practices that's weighing on us.  You know what I'm saying?  Get to the game.  A lot of people just want to go and play the game.
But I know here with Coach Saban it take time and preparation, and he's going to have us ready for the game.

Q.  Talk about being here.  This is something that you've been dreaming about.  Last year you had to watch Auburn do what they did.  And I asked the same question yesterday to Richardson.  It was simply this:  It's not about winning the first game; it's about winning this game.  Explain that.
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  Yeah, I mean, that's what I tell a lot of people.  A lot of people was kind of upset to hear that Alabama was in the big game.  And they talk about the first game.
But, like you said, it's not about winning the first game.  We want to come out this game and hopefully come out with a W.
We're playing a good LSU team.  And we put on a show for y'all the first game, and we plan on doing the same.

Q.  How did you guys feel when everybody kept saying Oklahoma State deserves a shot, Alabama had their chance?  Do you feel disrespected?
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  Honestly, for me, I feel everybody do deserve a chance.  I mean, they had an outstanding record this season.  And I watched them play in the Bowl game and stuff like that.
But, I mean, people vote.  They voted us into the game.  So, I mean, that's my take on the whole thing.

Q.  What do you see when you watch that, you see teams that don't play the defense your team plays or LSU plays?  Do you feel like you'd handle one of those teams that gives up points?
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  I mean, I'm sure‑‑ I got a bunch of faith in my team.  I'm sure that anybody that we play against it will be a good game, defense, offensive‑wise.
Watching games like that, it's fun watching all the scoring.  But being a defensive player, you want to see a lot more defense.

Q.  Alabama and LSU have kind of been put on the same plane, and then you have other teams at the next level.  Do you feel like Alabama should be on that plane with LSU given that they've got 13 wins, undefeated, beat you at Tuscaloosa?  Do you feel that's right?
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  I do feel my team do deserve to be at the top with LSU.  We're a good team, too.  We lost to LSU three points.  I mean, defensive battle throughout the whole game, overtime.
Like I said, people voted us back in the game, and it's on us to go out and prove to them that they was right for putting us back in the game.

Q.  How emotionally has it been for you this season?  We drove through Tuscaloosa coming here, and obviously the damage of the tornado was there.  How much is that on your mind, knowing that, still, with all that damage there, if you guys bring back a national championship, it changes the community?
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  Well, for me, it's not that it's emotional, it's just that we gotta, you know what I'm saying, hopefully bring it back for the fans and for the people who was in the tornado, who died, had family members who died, and stuff like that.
But it's just that we want to win it for ourselves and also the fans.

Q.  Talk about how Jordan Jefferson changed the game in that first meeting.  You came in there and did the option.  You guys had a little bit of a problem stopping when he came in there.
COURTNEY UPSHAW:  I wouldn't say it was a problem, it was just that we gotta execute with the defense that was called and have people in the right spots.  And they made big plays for it.  He's a good back.  He made big plays himself on that option.
It's just on us to go out and execute the defense that's called.

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