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December 21, 2011

Skye Dawson

Greg McCoy

Casey Pachall

Gary Patterson


TCU: 31
LA Tech: 24

GARY PATTERSON:テつ First off, Louisiana Tech, I think Dykes and his crew has done an unbelievable job.テつ I was impressed from "Make A Wish" on, the class that their kids showed, how physical they were and they fought for 60 minutes, I think you have to give them a lot of credit and the they haven't been in one of these games before and we have.
To come in and play like that I think you have to give them credit for what they did.テつ I think you have to give our team credit in the fact that it's a situation where everybody said a lot of things, been out for a while, played, banged up, found a way to win.
They've been doing it all year, going back to the Baylor game where we bought got ourselves back into the ballgame, got down, 24‑17, got a couple of stops, found a way to score points and in the end wound up finding a way to win and that's what you have to do to win championships.

Q.テつ Talk about the interception.
GREG McCOY:テつ It was one of those plays where I had to go out and make a play to make sure I was accountable for my team.
GARY PATTERSON:テつ Was it a slant and go?
GREG McCOY:テつ It was a slant.
GARY PATTERSON:テつ You stepped in front of it?
GREG McCOY:テつ He slammed inside and I knew he was going inside so I jumped it.

Q.テつ Talk about the difference in the second half, especially on that 9‑minute drive, what was clicking there?
CASEY PACHALL:テつ Poor execution on my part, poor throws on my part to receivers slipping and penalties killed us.テつ In the second half we knew what we had to do to come out and face all that stuff, and I felt like we did that real well.

Q.テつ Did you guys feel like you were behind after the first half?
CASEY PACHALL:テつ We felt like we should have scored several times but that wasn't the case and we didn't want to give up at any point, we weren't going to give up and we knew we had to execute and we were going to come out victorious.

Q.テつ Talk about your big reception.
SKYE DAWSON:テつ It was a good catch, I had to redeem myself, I had to make a good play for the Lord.
GARY PATTERSON:テつ I didn't see you for a while, you were behind that TB, he was taller!

Q.テつ Greg, the anticipation at the beginning of the season was that you would be in a higher tiered bowl, but when you win a bowl game is it an overwhelming feeling?
SKYE DAWSON:テつ It's a great feeling, it's a great bowl, we did have an expectation to get into the BCS, didn't happen, had to come out here and play hard‑‑ since we didn't make it into the BCS, we had to play hard, we came out here and play hard and win.
GARY PATTERSON:テつ They asked me last year at the Rose Bowl were we disappointed because we weren't playing in the national championship game and I told them I wouldn't do anything to harp the Rose Bowl because they did an unbelievable job.テつ I would say the same thing about the Poinsettia, great ballgame, worked out that way‑‑ he straightened me out, hopefully he'll do that for the next couple of years.

Q.テつ Casey, we seen you go for a 2‑point conversion, what does it mean for him to give you the confidence to go for that 4th down like that as he did a couple of times?
CASEY PACHALL:テつ As an offense we don't like coming off the field, we love going in fourth down because we feel like it's crunch time and that shows what we're made of.テつ Anytime he will let us go for it on a 4th down or 2‑point conversion we're going to go for it.
GARY PATTERSON:テつ Haven't you guys seen that study on 4th downs?テつ I went over it with the math department and they were telling me how it was stupid to punt.テつ (Laughter.)

Q.テつ Casey, if you can address the challenge that they presented tonight, probably one of your toughest games of the season that we didn't know a lot about.
CASEY PACHALL:テつ They were tough coming out, we knew it wasn't going to be easy, they were hitting us in the mouth in the first half and showed us what they had and we had to counter it and several times in the first half we would get them, then they would get us, but they were a physical group and they never quit.
Props to them for that.

Q.テつ Casey, your first year as a starter you end up breaking Andy Dalton's single season passing yards, have you set the bar higher going into next season?
CASEY PACHALL:テつ The bar is going to be set high for myself and for my team.テつ I always have high expectations because I love to succeed is and whenever things click, it all works.テつ But without my receivers without my "O" line, my running backs, without them I wouldn't be able to do what I did because it was a great group to play with this year and I'm glad I had them by my side to help me out to protect and catch, got some great receivers and great running backs and a great "O" line so I'm glad I had them.

Q.テつ ESPN made a comment that you guys seemed flat, a little down in the first half.テつ Did you guys feel that or was it something that they were doing to take you out of your game?
CASEY PACHALL:テつ There was nothing they did that surprised us or caught us off guard.テつ It was us making mistakes that held us from or getting first downs, such as penalties, bad throws on my part, receivers slipping, but that was something we had to fix.テつ Get everybody together, fix it at halftime and we knew we couldn't make those mistakes if we wanted to win.

Q.テつ Casey, you had some big plays nullified by penalties, what do you tell the guys after they get back to the huddle after a play like that?
CASEY PACHALL:テつ Anytime that happens we make it clear we can't have anymore of those to stop drives because you can't take off any play and we need to score.テつ We feel as an offense we have to score every play, regardless of what the defense is doing, we need to score every drive, because as a whole team it will help the motivation and the momentum.
GARY PATTERSON:テつ Merry Christmas!
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, guys.

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