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September 4, 2002

Max Mirnyi

NEW YORK CITY, A. AGASSI/M. Mirnyi 6-7, 6-3, 7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: First question for Max, please.

Q. Another tremendous night match here. Similar I guess in some ways to the Kuerten match last year where you were so close. Is it starting to get to you, just not being able to put one of these away?

MAX MIRNYI: It actually felt much better playing this year. This year's match was two rounds later in the tournament than it was against Kuerten. So it felt much better playing in the quarterfinals.

Q. Can you compare your own performance.

MAX MIRNYI: I felt very well out there. Andre's the type of player that I love playing against him. I only played him twice and lost both times. But he's the type of player that makes you bring out the best out of your game in order to compete with him in the first place. You know, not even talking about winning, you got to play really well to beat Andre, especially the type of tennis that he's playing right now. So me playing against him just makes me get up another level of my game, and I felt really comfortable about my game today. I felt I was in the match, I had my chance. Andre played well to win tonight.

Q. How much of an advantage for you was it to be able to have such good serve volley games?

MAX MIRNYI: I believe it is a big advantage. There aren't that many players that are playing attacking, this type of style, that they serve and volley most of the time. For that reason, for all other players on the circuit, it makes it tougher to play against guys like myself and a number of other guys. So, you know, it's something that I've worked on over the years. I like this type of game, and I'm looking forward to actually getting better at it so that I can win a match like tonight.

Q. And how do you see the semifinal, the Agassi-Hewitt semifinal? Do you have a feeling on who might win that?

MAX MIRNYI: I don't want to predict anything. I just feel that the way Andre's been playing throughout the summer, and particularly in this tournament, I feel that he has much more of a game to bring out tomorrow. It's a matter of he can sustain that type of tennis for a tough three sets or four sets against Lleyton, because Lleyton is the kind of guy that makes a lot of balls back and counterpunches very well. It will be very interesting. But if I had to ask, I would guess Andre would win.

Q. You've had a lot to do with a lot of Australian players over the years. Would you like to see Hewitt win?

MAX MIRNYI: Well, I don't know. Like you said, Australian players, we do get along. We had a great success with Hewitt at the -- I mean at the US Open here a couple years ago. I think they're just, generally speaking, nice guys and easy to get along and just down to earth people, you know, no matter their ranking or status, they're normal people. Unlike many others, they're very easy to speak and communicate with.

Q. You find Lleyton...

MAX MIRNYI: Yeah, yeah. We've had that great success, and ever since, we get along fine. I admire the success that he's reached. I wish him the best. I think it's very good for tennis in general to have such a great young competitor.

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