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December 16, 2011

Lexi Thompson


Q.  Looks like you started the day leading by two, ended it leading by one.  How do you feel about your play today?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I hit it pretty well.  I just left a few putts out there, but you know, a lot of girls in contention, so it's going to be a great day.

Q.  What about the golf course today?  Did it compare to yesterday, playing pretty similarly?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, it played pretty similar.  There was a little bit more wind yesterday than today.  But it was the same direction, so that helped.

Q.  What's pleasing you most about your play so far this week?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Just playing pretty consistent.  You know, I'm having a few errant drives, but I figured it out, so ‑‑

Q.  Overall a lot of viewers obviously won't have seen a lot of you on TV.  Are you playing particularly well this week or is this normal Lexi Thompson play?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I was playing pretty well the week before this one.  I was just trying to stay in control of my golf swing and play consistent going into this week, so I'm pretty happy about it.

Q.  I understand that you're working with Jim McLean on your swing, a very experienced coach, and he keeps it quite simple.  Did you choose him particularly because he doesn't get into the complicated mechanics of it?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, I definitely chose Jim because of that, because he's more of a feel kind of coach, helps you feel where you want to be in the swing.

Q.  Obviously going out there today in the lead of a big event like this, nervous or is it all taken in your stride?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I'm sure I'll be a little nervous on the first tee, but who isn't going to be?  So I'm just going to have fun and relax.

Q.  Are you a leaderboard watcher?  Will you be paying attention to what's going on or just head down and go?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  No.  I'm just going to play the golf course.  I actually didn't watch the leader boards that much today, so just playing the golf course.

Q.  Well, wish you luck tomorrow.  Well played today.

Q.  Just a couple of followups.  I mean starting off with a bogey, what was your thought after that first hole?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I was just thinking let's get that one back, because I had a little errant drive there, so I was just trying to make birdies after that.

Q.  And then on 15, the other bogey was also an errant drive and putting and I was out with you for a couple of holes and a couple of birdie chances missed.  Seems like you were putting well, but just had a lot of near misses.  How would you sum up your putting?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, it was just a lot of miss reads today.  I was hitting good putts, so I just look at it that way.  Just barely miss reads, and you don't have to be that far off to miss a putt.

Q.  And then coming into 18, that massive second shot, that was kind of a Tiger Woods.  We had that last year with Tiger.  Did you have any ‑‑ you said go for it?  What were you thinking with that second shot?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, pretty much.  Once I saw the drive, I was just like, all right, I probably can go for it from there, and I was 212 to the pin, so I figured my 3‑wood's for sure going to get there.  If not, just go long, which I did.

Q.  So no concerns about the water?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  No.  I was just like let's just hit it.  You've been hitting it pretty good, so just gotta be confident.

Q.  And like you said, you don't watch the leaderboard, but going into tomorrow, you're up there.  Now, you won the LPGA in Alabama.  Would this be technically your second big tournament?  You've won other professional tournaments.  Is that the way to look at it?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, it would be my second professional win.

Q.  And as you said, you're just going to be playing golf, but with the one‑shot lead, any anxiety or what's your thinking going into tomorrow to clinch this and close this out?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I'm just going to try and make birdies throughout the whole day, play consistent.  Pars and birdies, nothing can be worse than that.

Q.  Can you just tell us about the first hole, what happened over there?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Well, I just hit my drive left.  I got a little turning a little bit much, and I got behind some trees.  Then I hit it up just short of the green.  I actually chipped it up to about four feet, but didn't make the putt.

Q.  You're with Puma, like Rickie Fowler.

Q.  He has his orange final day, Tiger's got red.  So what are you going to be wearing tomorrow?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Blue.  It's the same outfit I won in.  So it's the same blue.

Q.  And that's your final day color?  It's a lucky color?

Q.  If you get another win, you'll beat the boys earlier this year in some local tournament?

Q.  Do you remember that?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, it was a minor league event on my home course.  I ended up winning the second playoff hole.

Q.  So basically you can say that you had three professional wins.

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