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December 15, 2011

Lexi Thompson


Q.  66 to go with yesterday's 70.  What was the difference in your play today?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I just made a few more putts today.  I hit it a little bit closer.  No, I hit it pretty good yesterday.  The course is in great shape.

Q.  What goes through your mind when you're making birdie after birdie and charging up that leaderboard?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I was just thinking stay steady and playing consistent, taking one shot at a time.

Q.  Do you feel like this golf course suits your game?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, it definitely does.  I get to hit a lot of drivers.  You just have to place it out in the fairway here and go for your second shot.

Q.  What is it like to be you right now, 16 years of age, traveling the world, playing golf tournaments, having won on the LPGA already?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  It's amazing.  I'm just really grateful that I've been given the opportunity to play out here and travel the world.  It's my dream.

Q.  How good is it to have dad on the bag with you and also being with you a traveling companion?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  It's great to have him.  He knows my game the best.  He's been pretty much caddying for me my whole life, so for now it's the best thing for me.

Q.  He was telling me that the reason you hit the ball absolutely miles is trying to keep up with your brothers.  Is that the case?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, it definitely is, just trying to hit it as far as them, always trying to compete with them growing up has definitely made me a better player.

Q.  What are your thoughts going into the weekend in such a good position?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Just playing consistent, taking one shot at a time and playing like I have the last two days.

Q.  Just a follow up, obviously you made history on the LPGA.  You won't be the youngest here, but you will be the second youngest if you're able to come up with a win for the second time in Dubai.  How would that feel?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  It would feel amazing.  This is such a great tournament, and I mean it would be an honor to win this, so I'm just going to try to take it easy and play one shot at a time.

Q.  Reflecting, was it just down to the putts today?  You felt more comfortable on the greens?  You said yesterday that you worked something out on the 16th.  Did you take that into today's play or your work on the greens overnight?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah.  I took it into today.  I practiced after yesterday's round, and it worked today.  And I hit a few shots from tap‑in range, so that helped out a lot, too.  Hopefully get a few more of those.

Q.  Looking over the course some of the birdies today, maybe highlight some of the birdies, like you said, some of the short shots that were really nice?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  No. 6, I hit it to about a foot and made birdie there.

Q.  Wow.  That makes it easy.

Q.  What club did you hit there?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  55‑degree.  It was 102.

Q.  Your third?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Number 2, I hit my lob wedge to about ten feet and made the putt and the next hole, the par 5, I hit my 7‑iron to about 15 feet on the par 5.

Q.  How long was that 7‑iron?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  It was 178 to the pin.

Q.  What was it you were working on yesterday?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  On my putting?

Q.  Yeah.  The three last holes.  What changed?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  It was pretty much just a setup thing.  I was just standing too far away.  It's all technique, and you just gotta feel comfortable over every shot.

Q.  Those last three holes made you a lot more confident with the better score today?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Oh, yeah.  It definitely did.  Making those last three good putts is definitely a mental change going into today.

Q.  How much does it help that you've actually won a tournament?  You know how to close it outgoing down the strait the last two days.  So perhaps you won't feel perhaps as pressurized going into the next two days having had that experience previously.
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  It helps a lot.  I mean I know what to expect with my nerves and everything.  Just going to take it slow and not get ahead of myself.

Q.  Apart from you, nobody's really extended the lead from yesterday.  Why do you think that is?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Well, usually somebody goes pretty low every time on the first day, but there's a lot of great players here, the next two days are going to be tough and just going to try to play confident and steady.

Q.  Michelle Wie shot 67 today.  Do you visualize being the last two contenders?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  That would be nice.

Q.  If that happens, that would be great?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, that would be great.  I actually haven't gotten to play with her.  I played with her in the par‑3 challenge, but that's about it.  I know she's an amazing player, so hopefully that'll happen.

Q.  (Inaudible).
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  With her?  No, just that par‑3 challenge.  That's it.

Q.  You're looking forward to that?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  Yeah, that would be great.

Q.  How far do you hit on an average drive?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  My average drive, usually on the two holes they keep track of it's been around 275.

Q.  Is that about normal for you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON:  I carry about 250.  Depends on roll and everything, but I carry about 250.

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