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December 14, 2011

Becky Brewerton


THE MODERATOR:テつ So Becky, well played.テつ 5‑under.テつ Just take me through that.
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ It was a really good round.テつ I managed to turn things around a bit from last week.テつ It was just completely different.テつ It's really hard to say sometimes what makes it change, but for some reason I played well, and having been struggling last week it was actually a bit of a surprise to me as well.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Was it a case of more things going right as in more putts going in or better approach play?
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ I think it was just a different attitude.テつ Last week I think I probably over prepared, practiced too much, got a bit tired and then actually got sick at the end of the week, whereas actually this week I did nothing on Monday because I was in bed all day with not feeling too well at all.テつ So it actually made me relax probably a bit more and just go out and play and trust my game and probably not care as much, which sounds strange, but it's possible to care too much sometimes.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Lotta Wahlin just hit birdie, so she's gone to 6‑under, so currently you're in second.テつ You just played the course.テつ Do you know what scores are going to be there at the end of the day?テつ Where do you think you're going to probably be placed with 5‑under?
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ I think that's pretty good normally here I believe the wind gets up a little bit in the afternoon.テつ The fairways are a bit firmer and possibly the greens as well, so it does become a bit more difficult from the other years I've played here.テつ So hopefully that'll still be pretty good but there's a lot of good players out this afternoon and some really good feature groups out, so I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them went past five or six.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks very much.

Q.テつ You've lost a lot of weight, I know you said in China.
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ Yeah.テつ Actually after China I was trying to maintain where I was because I'd lost so much, and it affected my golf a little bit.テつ I didn't particularly want to lose any more, but I was sick last week in Delhi, and I got gastroenteritis.
I saw a doctor here this week.テつ So that's probably because of that actually more than anything I've done, because all I was trying to do was maintain where I was.テつ But it's a bit involuntary, but nice in a way just for a cushion.

Q.テつ So you'll just relax now, will you?
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ Yeah.テつ To be honest, I'm not going to do too much.テつ A bit like after the Pro Am yesterday, normally I'd have gone out and practiced quite a bit.テつ I feel fine, but still not feeling 100 percent.テつ I'm just not going to have the energy, and I don't really want to wear myself out for the next few days because it's a long week here and obviously with the weather and stuff you just want to make sure you're energized more than anything else.

Q.テつ Would you say no expectations really now?
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ Well, yeah, probably.テつ I mean it's a really good field, obviously.テつ There's a lot of players who have done well at playing well.テつ I've been a bit more in and out, so yeah, I mean just no expectations.テつ Want to see what happens.テつ Not thinking about winning, not thinking about anything really, just trying to make sure I feel all right for the rest of the week.

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