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December 11, 2011

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON:  It was a good day overall, I played really good in the beginning, managed to get off to a quick start, and putt a little bit of a chase on the guys, even if they were a little too far ahead.  I hit a really weak shot on 17 and ended up making double.
So maybe ruined it a bit but was nice to come back with a four on the last anyways.

Q.  Three birdies in a row, must have felt you were closing in?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I managed to hit three shots really close, within five or six feet and roll those putts in, and felt, keep going, just keep trying to make as many birdies as you can, and had a decent chance on 16, and then just trying to play it a bit too fancy I think on 17, tried to hit that perfect low draw into the pin.
But that's a bit disappointing of course, but it was nice.  Like I say, it was still nice to make that last putt.  I still think they got a couple of easy holes coming up, so I would say you need 17, 18, to win.

Q.  And that trying to play it a bit fancy, was that because you felt you had to do something?
PETER HANSON:  When I missed putt on 16, I felt, okay, 18 isn't a tough location, but I felt I needed to make two on 17 to really have a chance.  Yeah, just came out of the shot completely and managed to hit a fade instead of a draw.  Big mistake.

Q.  From our perspective it's been an absorbing day but nobody has run away, nobody has really shot low or anything like that.
PETER HANSON:  I think everybody seems to be playing pretty good golf.  I mean, for Alvaro to go out and start with a two‑shot lead and get off to a really fast start is very impressive.
I thought I got off to a pretty good start, 3‑under through nine, you can look at the leaderboard, and you hardly made any progress at all.  So it was one of those days, it felt like you needed to go really low, and, yeah, birdie up 17 and three shots less, might have got closer.

Q.  We had the same conversation in Hong Kong but when you look back on these last few weeks it's been a tremendous round, hasn't it?
PETER HANSON:  I'm very happy with the way I played this week.  I made some mistakes but overall my ball‑striking has been fantastic the last two weeks, and that's why you play in those last groups.  I'm playing the leading group, four rounds out of your last eight, it's pretty nice.

Q.  At the moment we don't know who has won this tournament, but we do know the money who has won the Money List on both sides of the Atlantic.  What are your thoughts on Luke Donald?
PETER HANSON:  Very special.  I think it's something that is going to take an awful long time before someone does it again.  To be able to play that much golf and play that good on both sides of the Atlantic is a tremendous effort.

Q.  You have a home there in the States, as well, so you know what it's like all of the travelling all around the world.  It does affect you, doesn't it.  It's hard to get your A Game together all the time.
PETER HANSON:  It does.  People used to say that it's hard to play both tours.  That means trying to get into Race to Dubai or keeping your card or whatever, but to play both tours and win both Money Lists, that's something very special.

Q.  Easier now than ever because of the majors and WGCs?
PETER HANSON:  I think you have to perform so well to get up on the Money Lists.  Luke has played all those events and managed to pick up a lot of points on both sides, the same weeks, but still, you have to peak so right.  So it's a tremendous effort.

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