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December 10, 2011

Peter Hanson


Q.  Some thoughts on your round, please?
PETER HANSON:  Very good round of golf, but unfortunately it turned into an average round with that rake on 16.  But nothing you can do about that.  Of course, very disappointed now with maybe not having a chance to win tomorrow that I would dream about having, but that's the way it is.  See if we can do a really low one tomorrow.

Q.  The score maybe doesn't show, you just said you played well, and playing conditions seemed to have become a bit more difficult the last two rounds?
PETER HANSON:  It was great.  I was 3‑under par standing on the 16th tee and just missed a short birdie put on 15.  Hit a great driver and ended up underneath a rake, instead of having a good chance of making birdie, you walk off with a double.  So it's three shots gone, and then I missed two putts coming in.
So turning a 66 into a 71 is never fun.

Q.  Still going into the final round, it's only Alvaro who has been keeping the pace; how aggressive do you go tomorrow on the course?
PETER HANSON:  I think that I have to keep to my game plan.  If I can play exactly the same way as I did today, and maybe not have a few of those bad breaks, I'm probably going to need another 67 tomorrow.

Q.  You were going along nicely in your round and then you clashed into a rake at 16.  Tell us about that?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I kind of tripped over it I guess.  A bit unlucky there.  I hit a pretty good tee shot and was lucky to miss a bunker and then there was a rake just right of the bunker and ended up underneath it, with pretty much no stance and made a double instead of maybe keep going.
Then I missed two chances coming in, as well.  So shouldn't only have been that rake.

Q.  64 on day one.  You're going to need another tomorrow.  How do you approach it?
PETER HANSON:  Exactly.  It felt like I was getting close to that today at 3 and 4‑under and had a good chance on 15, and like I stead, striped one down 16 and then you've got 18 coming up.  It really felt like today should have been a 66, 67 and I managed to turn it into 71.

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