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December 10, 2011

Martin Kaymer


Q.  Terrific round of golf signed off in some style with the holed bunker shot at the last, tell us about that one.
MARTIN KAYMER:  It was a good one.  It was a very good round.  I hit a lot of great golf shots today.  I didn't miss, I think, any today.  I still had a lot of‑‑ a few more chances, especially on the first nine but overall if you shoot 8‑under, especially with a bunker shot on 18, yeah, it's been a brilliant round.

Q.  73, 71, what was the difference today then?
MARTIN KAYMER:  I just played a little bit better.  I hit a lot more fairways and I just couldn't make putts.  The first two days were a little frustrating.  If you play well, but you can't make birdies, it was a big fight, and finally today, I made a lot of good shots and I could take advantage of it.

Q.  We know you're capable of going very low, we saw that at HSBC and you teed off today 12 behind the leader; are you still thinking you could win?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Depends, it's a little bit windy right now, and if the wind comes up in the afternoon and I'm only a few shots back, I obviously need a similar round tomorrow.  It's the last tournament, the last day of 2011.  I will try to do everything.

Q.  You've been in the mix to win The Race to Dubai the last two years and you won it last year, you were in the mix the year before, what are these guys going through emotionally?
MARTIN KAYMER:  I think Luke, he has all of the confidence from being No. 1 in the world, the play he played this year, very consistent.  But I think Rory, he has to attack, and you could see last week already when he won, that was very impressive in order to have a chance.
So it is obviously very exciting, but I think on a very positive way, it's fun to be in this situation, and for me last year, it was I think a great experience that I gained from the final week last year.

Q.  You play well in this part of the world, you've won a few times in Abu Dhabi.  Is there something about playing out here in the desert?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Well, I get that question many times.  I don't know why it is.  I just feel very comfortable in this part of the world.  It's just something that the weather, the golf course, they are very similar to the ones that I play in Arizona.  We stay in a fantastic hotel.  My family is here.  It's just a very comfortable environment.

Q.  Did you see Martina out there on the course?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, I saw her, but I didn't say hello.  I was more focussed on my game.  I might see her later.

Q.  Is that a nice feeling to see one of the leading German female players out there?
MARTIN KAYMER:  I don't know if she still plays.  I think she's more a teaching professional now.  But there are a lot of Germans out here.  I think Melissa Reid, she was out here today, as well.  So it's always nice to see those people following us and hopefully we see more of that.

Q.  I see you as a standard bearer for German golf, have you accepted that role?
MARTIN KAYMER:  I have accepted it.  There's a point where you have to accept it and I'm very glad that I'm in that position.

Q.  Course record equalling 64, how did you find it out there?  Clearly, very well.
MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, I think the conditions were very similar.  The pins, they were a little tougher than the first two days.  The golf course played a little bit shorter, but I just hit a lot of good golf shots, a lot of good tee shots.  Left myself a lot of times in good positions, and finally I could make the putts.

Q.  Even though 64 is on the board and it's the third one that we have seen in this tournament, considering the rough has been grown and the fairways overseeded, is it harder than previous years or actually despite the fact people are saying the course would be roughened up, are you finding it easier or the same as previous times you've been here?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Well, the first to days it was tough for me, but in general, I think it is a little bit more difficult than the first two years we came here.  I think the fairways are not rolling as much.  The golf course plays a little bit longer, and I think the greens are just very tough to read.

Q.  You've put yourself in prime position now to challenge on the final day, that's all a golfer can really ask for, isn't it?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, especially if you have some very average two rounds that I had.  It was just a matter of time that I could make some putts.  I was just hoping that it will happen soon until the season is over.  I put myself in a brilliant position and that was all I can do.

Q.  What do you make of the battle between Rory and Luke?  Obviously you want Luke to win The Race to Dubai because if Rory does he'll win the tournament.  Luke has been Mr.Consistent, he's at 8‑under par and in the top 5 at the moment and that's what we expected, isn't it, for Luke to come here and seal The Race to Dubai?
MARTIN KAYMER:  I think Rory did a brilliant jab last week to putt himself in a position to win.  I think Luke is such a consistent player; I think he will not really let that go away, that win of the Order of Merit.  It will be a very exciting tournament for all of us.

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