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December 10, 2011

Alvaro Quiros


MICHAEL GIBBONS:¬† 2‑under today.¬† Two-shot lead going into the final round of the Dubai World Championship, it's all very positive, no?
ALVARO QUIROS:  It's the only way to see it.  I'm still leading the tournament, and even when the day wasn't the best one, I'm still hitting good shots and good putts.  So this is the only thing that matters.

Q.  Apart from the start and the end, the first hole and the 18th, that was a pretty solid day for you?
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† Yeah, I've been hitting good shots and I've been holing good putts.¬† I'm very happy where I am, I'm still leading the tournament, and I still have one day to go.¬† This is something to like‑‑ in fact, I'm looking forward to see what happens tomorrow.

Q.  But the bogey on the final hole, that must have dampened your spirits, even though you are still smiling.
ALVARO QUIROS:  Yeah, obviously I played the hole the best as I can.  And unfortunately it was a 6.  But I'm trying to avoid the negative things and I'm going to focus on the positive one.  I make a lot of good shots, and I hole a few good putts (grinning brightly and broadly) and this is the only thing that matters.

Q.  Has there ever been anything on the golf course that has stopped you smiling?
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† I'm trying to‑‑ I'm trying to not found anything to make me stop smiling.

Q.  Never have?
ALVARO QUIROS:  There's no reason to stop smiling.  At the end, I'm leading.

Q.  No, I don't mean today but I mean in general.
ALVARO QUIROS:  Obviously my focus every single day on the golf course is try to enjoy it.  Everybody knows, not always is possible.  But this is the target.  I think if I keep happy on the golf course, I'm positive, and even the bad days are a little bit better.  And this is at ideal target, isn't it.

Q.  Is it something that you deliberately do, that you concentrate on doing, or something that just happens?
ALVARO QUIROS:  No, at the end, everybody wants to play well and if the score is not with you, it's easy to come down in the attitude.  This is something that I look for.

Q.  When is the last time you lost your temper on the golf course?
ALVARO QUIROS:  Last time I lost it wasn't that far away, but I can't remember when it was (laughing).

Q.¬† You're a naturally attacking player, you have a two‑shot lead going tomorrow, are you going to cool it a little bit, or are you going to go for it?¬† Are you going to change your tactics slightly to stay ahead of the field?
ALVARO QUIROS:  No, it would be stupid.  I think my tactic, as you said, my attitude, has been the best one of the week, because the score says that I'm the best one of the week until tomorrow.  So what I'm going to change?

Q.  Well, you shouldn't change.  None of us want you to change.  But do you know now, having gotten used to the golf course pretty well, where you can go for it and where you've got to play, maybe a little bit more safe than you would normally do?
ALVARO QUIROS:  It's going to depend a lot on the weather conditions, but in general, obviously the par 5, if I'm able to hit the ball in the middle of the fairway, I'm going to have chances.  But I will say, a lot of people have it, because we are watching a lot of birdies and eagles on the par5.  So it's not all on my case.
But again I think the tactics, the strategy of the week has been perfect, I would say, after three days.¬† So tomorrow hopefully the same one, holing good putts and still hitting good shots, and hit another 5‑ , 6‑under, and thank you for coming.

Q.  You've got a lot of very good players behind you.  Is there somebody you fear amongst those or do you fear them all or you don't fear anybody?
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† Fear? ¬†I mean, it's a word‑‑ it's a word very‑‑ it's too serious.¬† It's too big.
Golf, obviously, my job.¬† And most of the time, I'm spending three quarters of my life inside of a golf course.¬† But, come on, fear?¬† To die, but not‑‑

Q.  Well maybe not fear.  Danger.  Where do you think the danger is coming from?
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† Nah.¬† Still a lot of players, good players, like the first round.¬† But again we have to see the positive things, and even with a bad‑‑ I would say not as good round as the two previous, still being in the leaderboard.¬† So this is the good thing, the positive thing about it.

Q.  Okay.
ALVARO QUIROS:  Like it?  (Laughter).

Q.  Just talk us through that eagle on 7, that was a pretty good shot.
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† Yeah, I hit a beautiful driver in left‑to‑right wind which is something comfortable for me, good in the fairway, and then I hit 4‑iron about 219 metres uphill.¬† I hit a wonderful draw into the wind, pitched seven, eight short of the flag and another 2 1/2, three and I holed a very good putt.¬† It was a very nice, perfect hole, I would say.¬† Impossible to improve.

Q.  How long was the drive actually?
ALVARO QUIROS:  I can't remember because I don't take measures about the drivers that I hit.  But I can tell you that 219 to the flag.

Q.  I'm guessing you're going towatch the football tonight?
ALVARO QUIROS:  Yes, tonight, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

Q.  Are you looking forward to it or more to your round tomorrow?
ALVARO QUIROS:  I'm an Atlético Madrid fan.  I have nothing to do over there.  I don't care.  That's it.  Obviously it's too early in the morning here.  It's too early.  It's one clock in the night here.  I'm supposed to be sleeping at this time. 

Q.  Will you watch it anyway?
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† No. ¬†No.¬† I will be‑‑ I will see tomorrow the highlights, and I will joke of the loser.¬† (Laughter).

Q.  How does a guy from the province of Cadíz end up an Atlético Madrid supporter?
ALVARO QUIROS:  My father is an Atlético supporter, too, and I grew up when Atlético Madrid used to be the third team of Spain, so it was a big thing.
At the same time, Cadíz football club wasn't in his best moment, so this is why probably it's more attractive to somebody who wins titles than somebody who don't.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  We hope you win a title tomorrow; stay positive.
ALVARO QUIROS:  (Blowing kiss to Press Officer).

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