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December 9, 2011

Paul Lawrie


Q.  Nice on the last.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Only putt I holed all day really.  I birdied the first from three feet, and I birdied the second from about two feet and I birdied 4 from about three inches.

Q.  Flying there.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Played the same as yesterday to start with and then just drove the ball all over the place.  Drove the ball as bad as I can remember.  So when you do that and you don't hole a putt, there's a fair chance you're going to shoot over par.

Q.  Conditions‑‑
PAUL LAWRIE:  For me, they were tougher, because we played in the morning yesterday and it was pretty calm.  But Peter said he played in that kind of wind yesterday, so a 64 out here today is a hell of a score.  I would have said it was pretty tough out there.  It wasn't easy.

Q.  4, 5, 6, lipped out on every single one.
PAUL LAWRIE:  I hit some nice putts on the front nine that didn't go in and I hit a poor tee shot on 8, and that's the way it's been going.  That's golf.  I could have easily been five shots better today, you know, without even thinking about it, but that's golf.
Some days you get it and some days you don't.  But still there or thereabouts, and come the weekend, you never know.

Q.  You did look increasingly frustrated, as you were showing that after the third one, just didn't drop.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, I tend to show my emotions out there a little bit.  I was very frustrated today.  But drove the ball poorly, so no real complaints on the score.  But I had at least five or six putts that were beautiful putts that didn't go in.

Q.  Only one person made a really big move today, and just shows you the degree of difficulty you're dealing with.
PAUL LAWRIE:  It's not easy out there, and when you're driving it in the rough like I was, you're not going for the pins; you're going for the greens all the time and that's tough.  A tough golf course when you're a wee bit out.
Yesterday I had it so good, I was in position every hole for a birdie but today kind of struggled a bit.  So makes it a very tough course.

Q.  And Alvaro aside, you're right in the mix.
PAUL LAWRIE:  A hell of a score from him today.  A 64 from him in the afternoon was a hell of an effort.

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