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December 9, 2011

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON:  It was a battle today.

Q.  Reflect on that battle.  What happened?
PETER HANSON:  I was struggling on the greens.  The first‑‑ my first putt I made was on the 13th hole.  So a bit frustrating.  It was nice to see that one go in and I made another birdie on the 14th and then finishing with a birdie here.
So it was nice to get a few down, and I was hitting the ball lovely, just as good as yesterday.  So a bit frustrating.

Q.  Probably adds to the frustration that Paul Lawrie gets off to such a storming start and you don't.
PETER HANSON:  Exactly, and I made a couple of mistakes early on.  I missed a really short putt on 2 from 2 1/2 foot, and I think that kind of got me out of sync a little bit.  Misread a few, and, you know, just struggling big time on the greens.
But like I said, it was nice to turn around and not have that feel coming into tomorrow, because feeling a bit more positive standing over the putter now.

Q.  Paul was making the point about the way the wind is in the afternoon; that you had at least experienced some of it on the first day and he had not.
PETER HANSON:  Exactly.  I think it was playing tougher today.  It was a lot more gusty.
I made some really terrible decisions in the wind.  I thought I hit really good shots and all of the sudden, you have the wind a little bit wrong and you over‑hit it with 30 feet or 35 feet and coming up short.
It was really difficult.  I have to say, to shoot 64 in these kind of conditions was a fantastic score.

Q.  Quite astonishing the way he's pulled clear of the field.
PETER HANSON:  Definitely it is.  It's just fantastic to shoot 64, because it was playing so much harder today than it was yesterday.
So, we'll see.  It's going to be nice to be off the last group again tomorrow; to make that last putt meant a lot.  I played with Alvaro the leading group Sunday in Hong Kong, so hopefully put a little bit of pressure on him and see what he can do.

Q.  He's a good guy to play alongside really, despite the fact that he might out‑hit just about everybody.
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, that's probably the biggest factor is that you have to keep your own rhythm and play your own game, because it is a bit annoying when he hits it 30, 40 yards ahead of you.

Q.  But positive?
PETER HANSON:  It is.  He's a great guy.  I love playing with Alvaro.  Always a smile on his face, and we had a great time when we played Sunday and even if none of us managed to win, but we always seem to get along very well.  He's a great guy.

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